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I'm in!
Am I reading this right - Vasilios won this and Xyem's giveaway this week?

Congrats, Vas!
No kidding. Now that's luck! Grats to you Vasilios, and thanks Ian for doing this.
Let's go.
Congrats to Vasilios (two in a row!), and thanks again, Kristy & Ian!
Gongratulations to Vas, and thank you Ian!
Congrats to Vasilios (again :D) and thanks Ian.
Congrats to Vasilios; and thanks again, Kristy & Ian! :)
Thank you Kristy and Ian for the game :-)

I was quite surprised to beat the odds and win this one too ^.^
I'm just posting to be next to the lucky guy in the hope some of that luck rubs off on me :P

Congratulations Vasilios!