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DieRuhe: Since when is somebody's private property considered public?
bevinator: There's a difference between being on public property and being "in public." You can't be naked on your front lawn, for instance, because you're still in open view of the whole neighborhood. You can be naked in your backyard if you've got a high fence or hedge, and you can be naked indoors as long as you aren't standing in front of a window.

If you want total and complete privacy on your property, you basically have to make a giant opaque magnetically-sealed dome over it.
I see your point. Yet another reason to live in the middle of nowhere. :-)
DieRuhe: I see your point. Yet another reason to live in the middle of nowhere. :-)
thats where i lived before moving to california. used to be, if i wanted to walk down to the corner store, i had to go past a big throng of dogs, but now i can walk anywhere free of harresment. of course, LA is the only place i ever got bit by a dog, but whatever.
BadDecissions: Whipping out your dick in public can be classified as indecent exposure, in some states. It's pretty stupid, and in practice, most police wouldn't actually do it
Wouldn't whip or wouldn't classify?
The fine for public urination here is a flat 9000 NOK. Not $2500 territory but still pretty ridiculous.

You even get fined if you're, say, standing by a canal and peeing into the water, in the middle of the night.

If you get caught, obviously.
and what about ladies?
Oklahoma? Nothing to see here, move along.
Attempted public urination? Interesting...I guess it would depend on what exactly the law prohibited.
Back home this gets very, very complicated. It's not technically illegal to be naked in public, however, if you do it you're likely to be cited for indecent exposure.

It is however, technically legal to be naked in the parks, a fact which wasn't discovered until sometime in 2008 or thereabouts. But, we didn't learn about it until some hippies started riding their bikes naked through the parks.

carnival73: Here in Zealand we've a pissing law that dates back to the 18th century that states that if we must go in public, if at all possible it is acceptable to go on the rear left wheel of any parked and nearby wagon.

So basically you can have a piss on the rear left tire of someone's Camero if you have to go bad enough. XD
Titanium: The law here is basically even older than that. It states that "If a person should not survive the urination on or at a specific object, be it because of a lethal application from another person(s) or of other means (electric shock, avalanche, bear attack), then he/she was probably not OK to go there".
Reminds me of Ren and Stimpy. Don't Piss on the Electric Fence.
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There is an alleyway in Cusco, Peru, near the town square, that is "famous" for the pungent urine odour it emits. Everyone pisses there for some reason, but noone gets fined. I wanted to try it, but the smell was too strong...