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Jorean: I haven't bothered to see it yet, but I hear Transformers 3 is pretty painful to watch.
It is. It's terribly boring, and it falls flat in just about every category. But it's not quite as bad as Revenge of the Fallen, thankfully.

Can't really add anything that hasn't been said in this thread, tbh. Matrix Revolutions, X3, Spider-Man 3, POTC 3.... can't say that I liked any of 'em.
The Godfather part 3

/me runs
men in black 3 was meh everything was boring in it
Elmofongo: But to be honest if you think Pirates 3 was bad watch fucking 4 worst thing ever
I disagree. I think the fourth film was a hell of a lot better than part 3. In fact, if 2 and 3, which themselves felt like waaaay too long extensions of the first film, would have never been made this would have made a pretty good sequel to the first... with the exception of Barbosa being magically alive again. I always thought that plot point was way too convenient/contrived.
I actually enjoyed Spider-man 3. Emo Parker (on symbiote) was funny.

Matrix 3, Pirates 3, Shrek 3 and X-Men 3 I'll agree with.
I love all Pirates movies just 3 was too long
Anyhow I would say Matrix 3 or Shrek 3 (trilogy because 3 is so bad it don't count works?)
Does "revenge of the sith" count as the worst third movie of a trilogy ever, given that "attack of the clone" already was the worst second movie of a trilogy ever, and "phantom menace" the worst first ?
When I looked at the thread title I instantly thought Spiderman 3.
Also, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, and lots of B-grade horror.
Nobody has it right so far. The worst third movie in a series is without a doubt, Smokey and the Bandit 3!! Okay, now where do I collect my prize for best answer? jk
Elmofongo: But to be honest if you think Pirates 3 was bad watch fucking 4 worst thing ever
Well I think the saying the worst movie in a trilogy is the fourth applies there.

As for movies where the third movie was bad Spider-Man 3 was pretty bad. I can't really say much else because I just can't think of many other trilogies I've seen where the third was the worst.

Edit: Oh yeah and X-men three was pretty bad. I just think Marvel has not been doing to good movie wise for a while.
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Spider-Man 3 and X-Men 3 were both bad, but since I didn't think all that much of the earlier movies, I can't vote for either.

I vote for The Dark Knight Rises. On its own, it's probably still a better movie than either of the ones I mentioned, but the drop off from previous movies in the series was so painfully large that it gets my vote. Actually, the nonsensical plot of DKR reminds me of the nonsensical plot of at least one X-Men movie.
Some of my personal "worst 3rd movies":

Terminator 3
Alien 3
Batman Forever

I'm bound to think of some more later on.
Wishbone: Terminator 3
Oh, and I'd have put Highlander 3 on the list as well, were it not for the fact that Highlander 2 was so incredibly, maddeningly, soul-rendingly, GODDAMN FUCKING AWFUL!!! Seriously, that movie belongs at the top of any "worst movies of all time" list.

Generally, when it comes to Highlander, "there can be only one".
Spiderman 3 was not a great movie, but I still had some fun with it. Personally I thought X-Men 3 was much worse.