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Do I have to write more ?
He is a girls magnet. Everyone wants to be that type of guy. ;)
Iain: See, I would go with the Alien any day. Even if it gets torn to shreds by any of the other creatures its blood would eat through them and in the end kill them. Beauty of this is the blood corrodes anything it comes into contact with so it doesn't matter whether it is organic or if it is man made / created.
keeveek: But you can kill it from the distance with mighty Joneleth Irenicus spells! And stealth wouldn't do much here as well, because Jon could cast a spell that would make that Alien sparkle in the complete darkness like a christmas tree! :P
Here's an interesting question for you: If the blood corrodes anything it contacts, why doesn't the alien melt into goo the instant it's born? Probably the part about being a silicon based creature. So that acid can't be too terribly strong since there are actually acids that can dissolve silicon and glass, and it can only eat so much before it's diluted by the objects it's melting.
Here's how I think it would go down:

Godzilla enters the fray, stomping and breathing powerful atomic breath. Predator has gone all camo-invisible and is scoping out this beast, clearly a prize worth taking. Jon Irenicus and Sauron both immediately cast some protective shields around themselves and thus recognize each other as dark magicians. They begin ignoring everybody around them while they carry on a lengthy argument about who should join whom in their quest to take over the world. Kabuto has been flipped over onto his back by Godzilla's stomps and lays there useless and unnoticed for a while. The Transcendent One has risen into the air and begun casting gigantic hurled-from-space magic missiles at Godzilla. With all the magic and nuclear stuff flying around, the Alien just gets caught and blasted apart, spraying acid everywhere, killing Kabuto, further disfiguring Jon Irenicus, and casting Sauron out of his latest mortal frame. Meanwhile, the three AIs have been casting around invisibly, looking for some hardware to take control of. The only hardware available is the Predator's suit mechanics. So, just as Predator has devised a strategy for attacking Godzilla, his suit betrays him, he begins flashing visible/invisible as the AIs fight for control. He leaps onto Godzilla's back to avoid the atomic blasts, and his explosives go off, killing him but reinvigorating Godzilla with nuclear energy. With the AIs out of the way, Jon Irenicus, a disembodied Sauron, and the Transcendent One are faced with an over-energized Godzilla, who does not respond to their evil seductions. (The AIs are merely powerless disembodied intelligences now, so... out of the fight. Sauron howls in evil frustration and flees to the netherworld to regather his power over the next several centuries. Irenicus decides the Transcendent One, being a mortality severed from the mortal form, is the way to go, if you want to rule things forever. So, taking a chance, he attempts to sever himself from his own mortality by leaping into Godzilla's nuclear breath. Doesn't work. Irenicus is down for the count. The Transcendent One just wants to be left alone, so he cloaks himself in invisibility and remains silent. Without a foe left to fight, Godzilla quiets down and stalks out alone, howling in existential monster outcast pain.

The Transcendent One has faded into his own dimension rather than stick around to claim his prize as victor, and no one seems to think it a good idea to follow Godzilla, so the prize is awarded to the disabled children of the city and the prize money donated to nuclear contamination cleanup at the site of the battle royale.

mrking58: Skynet

because they have time travel so they could go back in time to win.
never helped them before, why would it work now? lol
Godzilla. One stomp and almost everyone is lying on the ground and what remains will be be roasted by his breath.
timetravel + billions of robots
I have to say Skynet really, assuming it can create Terminators, especially Arnold (T-800.) First off, Arnold can beat the Predator, as has been proven, haha. Next is the Xenomorph. Predator can kill Xenomorph, so with math we can deduce Xenomorph > Predator > Arnold. Arnold was made by Skynet so Arnold > Skynet. SHODAN? Pshhh, some guy with a wrench beat SHODAN, Arnold will flex and destroy her. Jon? Does magic beat minigun? No? I didn't think so. Kabuto, I don't know what Kabuto you mean, so I'll assume the Pokemon, to which I say Bahahahahah, Skynet will make a giant robot BOOT just to stomp that bug! Ned sounds like a normal guy (Never heard of it, sorry) so I bet he's the guy Arnold took the clothes from, he am lose.

This all leaves Skynet's two last and most formidable opponents, Godzilla, and the Transcendent one. Skynet powerleveled his character (or edited the character sheet :O) and the Transcendent One chose a horrible build. Arnold blows him away with horrible one liners, overpowering his superior writing and plot. Godzilla can compete on a storyline basis, but unfortunately is unable to speak the one-liners, giving him a -15 to machismo. His superior mustache wins in the end (What?) Skynet finally just goes all out and builds a 100 foot tall terminator modeled after Rambo instead. There are no survivors.

So who wins out of those? Well, obviously according to my story, Batman was the ultimate winner. Why? Because he's Batman

Edit:Oh also time travel and stuff, that wasn't cool enough for my story though.

And thanks for this giveaway OP. For whatever is worth I believe every life has a meaning, mayhaps you haven't found yours yet
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Thank you for the generous giveaway and happy birthday! Thirty isn't so bad :).

It has to be Godzilla and I assume we are talking Toho Godzilla and not the Matthew Broderick Iguana in the City Godzilla. So, let's take a look at the oponents:

Predator - invisibility is nice, but does no good when everything around you is on fire. He's squished.

Alien - being an oversized skeleton is no match for atomic breath.

Jon Irenicus - ranged spells are nice, but this guy can't even survive a battle with 6 humanoid opponents.

Shodan and Skynet - require being housed in a building and electricity. If the whole city is destroyed there is no power, not even a real battle. Yeah they have minions and Skynet could build a big robot, but the aliens from Planet X thought so too. Mechagodzilla bit the dust just like all the rest.

Kabuto - Did you mean Neal Kabuto from the Fox Business Channel? Predicting economic trends not that useful.

Sauron - Has no physical body and lives in a castle that is easily destroyed. His soul is also tied to a ring that can be melted. Bye bye precious. Morgoth and 50 balrogs have a chance, but not Sauron.

Ned - I think I had a teddy bear named Ned, Wiinnie the Pooh has a better chance.

When you can destroy whole cities and defeat whole armies, the argument is over.
happy birthday Gaunathor! (maybe a happier day after birthday)
thanks for a giveaway!

Who, and most importantly why, would win in a free-for-all battle between:

All out winner: Predator (from the Predator-franchise only, I'm not counting the AvP-movies)
Why: Too many pros compared to these other jokers.

- Alien (just for clarification: the xenomorph from the Alien-franchise)
Predator hunts these fools in his spare time, no contest. Alien would be too distracted with easy prey.

- Godzilla
Predator would launch that invisibility and run up Godzilla's spine and probably either impale the back of his head and exit out Godzilla's face, or just decapitate 'em from the shoulders range. All while Godzilla tries to stomp out the competition.

- Jon Irenicus
unless this fool was casting spell upon spell like some super training in 100x the earth's gravity chamber Predator would be wearing his skull as a skullcap. likely falling victim to a Spear Gun to the face or a Wrist Blade to the throat.

- Kabuto (not sure which one)
all Kabuto's seem either mortal or smaller than Godzilla. The Plasma Casters (Shoulder Cannons) of Predator would make short work of whomever the Kabuto was.

- Ned (the AI from Albion)
Ned? more like Dead. either a Smart Disc through the chest cavity if human, or a Smart Disc to its power cord.

- Predator (from the Predator-franchise only, I'm not counting the AvP-movies)
The Victor!

- Sauron
If he couldnt beat up Gandalf and had the added bonus of vision, he would fall quickly to Predator. Sauron would probably be tweaking out with the crystal and be dissected before he could even think to grab his wand for a spell. If not tweaking Sauron would be trying to change his nappies from all the other fighters appearance.

would have gotten hacked by Predator's arm cyberware/Sat-com while he was running up Godzilla's spine.

- Skynet
Predator would use a mass driver from orbit and turn Skynet into a tin can if hacking it took too many seconds.

- The Transcendent One
realizing that nothing can change the nature of man instead decides to die by the hands of a Predator. As if he had a choice.
Jon Irenicus especially if he succeeded in his evil plan and kept the bhaalspawn soul. Mainly for his spells Stoneskin will block 10+ attacks for each casting and he should be able to cast it 10+ times. No one else has the magic to take down his protections giving him plenty of time to cast higher level spells.
-Time stop - more time to get protections up, or throw mutliple high level spells at once
- Power Word Kill (which has no saving throw) - useful for characters who are injured, instant death once you are below 60HP.
- Meteor Swarm (again no saving throw),
- Imprisonment (as long as he can touch you there is not saving throw) - Should be useful against big guys like Godzilla or Sauron who would be easy to touch and they are gone for good.
- He could summon pit fiends and demon and djinni, etc to use as backup.
- Greater invisibility to stay out of the way while everyone else fights it out and he picks them off.
- Chain Lightning - for frying the AIs
- If worse come to worst he could turn into the slayer, the avatar of the god of Murder and deal out death faster than a machine gun.

So yeah high level spellcaster FTW.
Happy early 30th birthday and thank you very much for the giveaway.

Here is my basic logic. If I want to hire a mechanic, I would look for someone who has fixed a LOT of cars. If I want to hire a pilot, I would look for someone who has flown a LOT. So, if I want to pick who would win a battle, I would look for someone who has killed a LOT.

There are some very efficient killers on the list. Predator killed groups of soldiers. Alien could take out the inhabitants of spaceships as well as groups of soldiers. Jon Irenicus killed hundreds single-handedly.

Kabuto, Ned, SHODAN, and The Transcendent One did much of their work off screen. We are led to believe that they were efficient, but for whatever reason didn't rack up a massive amount of kills.

Godzilla destroyed large portions of cities. Sauron destroyed large armies. Now we're talking. Beings who have really killed a LOT.

But Skynet is responsible for the deaths of BILLIONS. For accumulating so many more kills than the rest of them, Skynet is my pick to win the battle.
Thespian*: All this, assuming that Chuck Norris is not here, in which case Sauron has nothing to do, rings or not.
Indeed. Sauron wouldn't be able to stand up against this...
Oh lol, just realized I got Sauron and Saruman mixed up when I wrote my entry. Oh well, not gonna change it, we're playing with what we're given
I've edited my original entry to polish both argument and English. :D

Hope it isn't against the rules, Gaunathor?

Thespian*: All this, assuming that Chuck Norris is not here, in which case Sauron has nothing to do, rings or not.
langurmonkey: Indeed. Sauron wouldn't be able to stand up against this...
Yeah! We all know that Chuck Norris can demolish the Dark Tower of Barad-dûr with a single roundhouse kick. ;)
Thespian*: Hope it isn't against the rules, Gaunathor?
As long as the edit is made before the deadline, I'm fine with it.