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This Wednesday is my 30th birthday. Some time ago, I began calling my birthday "Worst Day of the Year", because it is just a reminder of how big a failure my life has been up to now.

However, this time I want to try something different. As that day brings no joy to me, I decided to bring some joy to somebody else by making a little contest.

Everybody with a join date of dec. 2012 or older can take part.

Just answer the following question:

Who, and most importantly why, would win in a free-for-all battle between:

- Alien (just for clarification: the xenomorph from the Alien-franchise)

- Godzilla

- Jon Irenicus

- Kabuto

- Ned (the AI from Albion)

- Predator (from the Predator-franchise only, I'm not counting the AvP-movies)

- Sauron


- Skynet

- The Transcendent One

What is the price?

1st place: one 20$ GOG (or lower) of your choice

2nd and 3rd place: one 10$ GOG (or lower) of your choice

4th place: one 6$ GOG of your choice

5th place: Realms of Arkania 1-3 (this includes the promo-code for RoA 1+2 gave away for taking part in the last survey, so I only count it as a 6$ GOG)

The contest ends tomorrow (Tuesday 19th.) at 11 pm GMT. I will then choose the five best answers (either the funniest or most logical) and announce the winners on the 20th.

Good luck!

EDIT: The contest is over and the winners have been notified. Thanks again to all who participated.
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because they have time travel so they could go back in time to win.
Joneleth Irenicus. His armour that gives him ability to cast few spells at once would wipe out Alien and Kabuto in first few seconds (what is Kabuto compared to elder dragons Joneleth could kill or control without much problems). And Alien in that fight is like some low level monster, to be honest.

Killing Godzilla would require some more powerful spells, but I believe Joneleth would first cast some form of charm on it, to help him killing Predator, Ned and Sauron. If we asume Sauron cannot use his army, he can be compared to Sarevok with his powers - means total noob.

to kill Shodan and Skynet in open battle? Some electricution would do the trick.

I don't know if The Transcendent One would be interested in such a battle and probably would go to make his own business on other planes.

Jon Irenicus wins!

(thanks for the opportunity)
See, I would go with the Alien any day. Even if it gets torn to shreds by any of the other creatures its blood would eat through them and in the end kill them. Beauty of this is the blood corrodes anything it comes into contact with so it doesn't matter whether it is organic or if it is man made / created.

But also you have the whole stealth thing with the Alien, hide up on the ceiling, drop down behind and then impale with its tail and rip the victim in half, up close and personal you then have the extra set of teeth attached to the interior jaw which is great for close combat and to get free from any grasp. Not forgetting its huge claws which can tear anything and everything to shreds.

Finally, which is literally hypothetical is the fact that the Alien is a hive mind, there is usually more than one and if there is a Queen about you will then have the eggs. Which in turn means that before any of the other organic creatures got near they could have been got by the face hugger and you will get hybrids which take on their hosts genes and they evolve making them bigger and stronger.

Imagine a Kabuto Alien would kick ass!!!!
Godzilla, because stomp-a, stomp-a, stomp-a!
Please accept my condolences. My 30th birthday was in January and I am still depressed.

My answer is Sauron (in case he has ring)!:-)
Iain: See, I would go with the Alien any day. Even if it gets torn to shreds by any of the other creatures its blood would eat through them and in the end kill them. Beauty of this is the blood corrodes anything it comes into contact with so it doesn't matter whether it is organic or if it is man made / created.
But you can kill it from the distance with mighty Joneleth Irenicus spells! And stealth wouldn't do much here as well, because Jon could cast a spell that would make that Alien sparkle in the complete darkness like a christmas tree! :P
- Aliens can't win, as the recent ACM said, they stuck behind a wall and can't attack anyone XD

- Godzilla: give it some fish and is ok

- Jon Irenicus is too busy with these HD remake, leave him alone XD

- Kabuto can be defeated with some bugs spray

- Ned (the AI from Albion): format c:

- Predator (from the Predator-franchise only, I'm not counting the AvP-movies): give it some humans to kill and take him busy with them.

- SHODAN now has a female body and pass time giving free sex for peace on earth

- Skynet is now used to share porn content all over the world. Is part of Google and Youtube.

- The Transcendent One is still talking with the Nameless One, and it will do it for other 100 years or so

So the winner is Sauron: he hasn't a body, he can't be distracted with sex or something like it because he lives in a land full of orcs, goblin, troll, nazgul, and all are men. He is been defeated several time, so this time he will use some cheat device to win.
The Predator! He is smart and he can use stealth. He would probably wait stealth until the others eliminate each other, then go and kill whatever is left. Also, he's one ugly motherf**ker!
Happy Birthday!

Skynet wins.

Skynet terminates Godzilla and creates "Mecha Godzilla Terminators" to smash 'em all.

Edit: Think about a living metal Godzilla 1000.
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Tough call... Sauron has armies at his disposal but they aren't smart, so the Xenomorph would mow them down.
Godzilla is all stampy and smashy but predator would view him as wonderful prey to hunt.
The AIs are limited outside their sphere of influence so while powerful could be avoided.
Predators could easily take down any of Skynet's minions.
I would at the end go between Irenicus or Predator.

Predator could one-hit-kill Irenicus if caught unawares, but once he is aware of them I think he could devise magic to defeat them.

I will say final decision, Irenicus
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Not in, but thanks and +1.
And Happy Birthday! :D
I'm way out of my depth here, so I'll just wish you a not too horrible birthday instead.
I'm going to have to go with Shodan because she's a perfect immortal machine

going by that logic nothing can defeat her or challenge her, this is all theory of course but then again, this whole contest is based on theory

Thanks for the giveaway
SHODAN I guess. She's a freaky supercomputer that can warp reality (I think. That's what I understood when I played the game some time ago), who's really good at creating cybernetic abominations of nature.

Everyone on the list are just test subjects to her.