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Vagabond: GC'S EIC was at QuakeCon. See if you're in any of these (crappy) pictures.

Well, someone did stick a camera right in my face and take a picture while I was watching someone play WET, but I don't see myself in any of these. Guess another "journalism" website got me.
really, veil? why not just shoot us already god damn it. just give me a 3d updated version of the original, and give us soul patch hitler.
Wraith: BTW, to everyone who doesn't seem to like the paranormal aspects or the lack of realism, did you even play Wolf3d? The original had zombies with guns growing out of their chests, Hitler in a mechanized suit with 4 chain guns, and all sorts of insanity. I can't really critique the storyline or plot because no matter how crazy it may be, that's what the original was like.

I don't think anyone in this thread who likes Wolfenstein doesn't appreciate it's paranormal aspects :)
Ralackk: I'm one of those retards that enjoy the call of duty franchise, yes even world at war, so I'm looking forward to Wolfenstein.

Exactly. I really liked the demo I played, and I want to play more of the game! Call-of-Duty-esque might be bad for some, but it works for me.
Shadowcat: I played the demo to RTCW, and it was half decent and half retarded. I believe the popular term is "zombie closets".
Every minute or so, a solid wall would burst open to reveal zombies, who had apparently been sealed up in a little hole behind the brick, just waiting for ME to go by so that they could burst forth and attack.
At the time, I found the concept too idiotic to enjoy.

that's how Wolf3d, Doom and Doom2 worked... it's the formula!!
soulgrindr: that's how Wolf3d, Doom and Doom2 worked... it's the formula!!
The problem was that in RTCW, the levels looked decently realistic. It wasn't a sliding wall revealing a secret chamber. It was literally a zombie smashing its way through bricks, leaving a jagged brick hole behind it, and showing that it had been well and truly walled-in up until the moment that I walked by.
The more believable your graphics and architecture become, the more the gamer starts to judge it according to their understanding of real places.
Funnily enough, I would have been more accepting if the zombies were appearing out of thin air via some kind of teleportation device. As a gamer, I can pretend that teleportation exists in the game world, and that something is using it to try to put a stop to my character. The idea that traps have been set by physically sealing zombies into brick walls to wait for me, OTOH... that's just dumb.
Yeah, it's just a game and I'm over-analysing it -- but this was basically my reaction at the time I played it.