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I have a few games on GoG (originally came here to buy TA & I76) but have had problems running a number of older Steam games since upgrading to Windows 8. Apparently it's something to do with the way Windows 8 runs a 'Virtual Machine' compared to Windows 7 (which I had no issues with).

Overall Windows 8 is smoother, faster and seems much better with regards to drivers, but it's sad to see that some of my older games no longer run - or, rather, they do run, but with an incredible FPS drop, thereby becoming unplayable.

In short, does anyone know the easiest way to get older games to run properly on Windows 8? Do the older GoG games which state compatibility with Windows 8 work?
Ive had DosBOX issues but that's due to dual monitor issues and my ATI GPU, once i killed my secondary monitor all DosBOX titles i had issues with ran fine.

beyond that my issues come from missing core components like .net or C++ once i grabbed them all and got the massive backlog of DirectX i was running stuff that Windows7 could only dream of. Biggest tip is everything should run as administrator no question..

also be aware of 16bit and 8bit graphical requirements and make the compatible switch appropriately. And if you can find a port or an engine upgrade like they have for hexen, duke, the lucas arts games, quake use it... also looking into shader replacements like SweetFX which worked when nothing else did... but some games like AVP, Blood Omen, Nocturne, Rune and KISS Psycho Circus i always have issues with :(
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Thanks for your reply. I'll give one or two a try and get back to you.
Dungeon Keeper works fine, but the sequel stutters along at about 5 FPS and is totally unplayable. I've read about this issue in a few GoG user reviews.

Any ideas as to a workaround?