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I'm actually re-backuping and after downloading 4 games every installer seems to be updated, so it seems a list with unchanged intallers is not necessary. Gogs CRC-checks are fine, so problems with downloading.
Btw., some installers are very smaller than the old one. As example, the new Fallout installer is about 30 MB than my old one which I downloaded at the Fallout promo (over a year ago). Any special reason for this, like a new Inno-installer? Or are stuff like the manuals removed from the files. Will check this later.

Edit: It seems ScummVM-games like Simon the Sorcerer are unchanged, what sounds logical. The same should also be for DosBox-games, but I will check this later.

Edit2: Downloaded Duke3D and the installer is changed. I downloaded the game shortly after release, so maybe it was a normal update.

Edit3: Okay, this should be a new posting, but the new one was merged with the old one. Back to the topic: I rebackuped some of my games and there are some games with Win7 support but without any updates, so a redownload is not necessary. I also checked the file properties and it seems that gog changes the file version of the installer after each update (to check this: right click installer, properties, details).

It would be really nice to have a steadily updated list with all games and file versions, so everyone can check their backuped versions and don't need to download all files again.
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the new "versions" are actually giving me more problems with win 7 64 bit than the old ones.

so far I tested duke nukem 3d (works. but minimizes after launch), pro pinball big race usa (doesn't work), seven kingdoms 2 (had some problems before, now minimizes after launch and accessing some menus). after this I haven't tested yet fallout 1 and 2.

all these games are listed as win 7 compatible.
I finished to update my backups as far as the games are verified for Win7. I started with my first purchases, so most of the installer were updated (Fallout). Getting to newer releases (~1 year old) there were only a few udpated games. I checked some of the file versions and I would appreciate that minimum 70% of the installers were not updated since release.

So please GOG, release a steady updated list of the file versions to give us the option to check if we really need to download the files again. I guess you have a database with such informations, so hopefully it would not take too much time and effort to generate such a list. Thanks
DukeNukemForever: So please GOG, release a steady updated list of the file versions to give us the option to check if we really need to download the files again.
That'll be great!
KavazovAngel: I redownloaded Teenagent just to test this. The installer is the same exactly as before, and yes, the game fucks up Games Explorer... again.
I haven't downloaded and installed Teenagent since the downtime last weekend, but when I first got it a few months ago it played just fine on my 64-bit 7, with no issues at all.
Although there are now many games listed as Windows 7 compatible, a list of those games you have actually had to update since their release (rather than just test and find okay as it is) would be appreciated.
thanks you a lot for supporting windows 7, because i am with it and because of some reason i can only stay at windows 7.
will you one day go Mac if it isn't a problem? i am sure there is a lot of mac user that would like to play your old game!
The following games I own still do not have a windows 7 compatibility!

Septerra Core
Red Baron
Freespace 1
Freespace 2
Battle Chess
Might and Magic 1-6
Cannon Fodder
Jagged Alliance 2
Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business
Sensible Soccer 2006
Blood 2: The Chosen
Independence War
Independence War 2

Looking at the above list, I can't see having win 7 combatibility with most of the games as gog claims it does
@up - Messiah - got it to run after a bit of poking around (there's a thread somewhere here that says what to do to make it work).
Sanitarium - works like a charm.

I got Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura work with windows 7 but there was the color glitch bug which you would have to bring up the screen resolution folder in order to run the game perfectly.

Jagged Alliance Deadly Games works with windows 7 but there was also a color glitch bug on the intro.
Nice to hear you are working on this

Windows 7 is very important to me and to a lot of users and it certainly will get more and more popular in the future, so please support it as much as you can

MDK2 seems to have a few rather annoying glitches with Windows 7 (only encountered them there).

- The infamous slow text loading bug (the text on the loading screen is DAMN slow, even on a current machine)

- Whenever I get in control with Max, the mouse seems to turn VERY slowly (no problem looking up and down, though).
I downloaded Simon the Sorcerer I on April 5, 2010 and it was 84.2 MB Version Compatible with XP and Vista. Yesterday I got curious and looked at the Simon the Sorcerer 1 page and noted that it was now compatible also with Windows 7. It did not say it was changed or updated and still said it was 84 MB. I decided to download it again and see if it was still the same that I downloaded in April. It was not! It is Version and was 86.9 MB now. How are we to know that a game we downloaded months ago has been changed? Shouldn't the new Version Number and date it was changed be on the game's page as well alerting long time members to redownload the new version?
Any chance we can get a master list or wiki describing compatibility issues and maybe known solutions?
CulpaLibri: Any chance we can get a master list or wiki describing compatibility issues and maybe known solutions?