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I'm in for katsaysmeh
I am in, thanks zeffyr.

I think I posted this pic before (on another thread), but it's my favourite :)!
Not in.

Cat 1

Cat 2
I'm in. Thank you for this giveaway and +1 to you.

For non German speaking people:

The text on the first picture says: "There is a bird hidden in this picture. Can you find it?"
cat_1.jpg (94 Kb)
cat_2.jpg (31 Kb)
And the contest is over!

We had 27 participants and lots of fun cats :-) chose...

lugum, who chose genkicolleen, who chose genkicolleen's daughter! :-) So GOG code for Theme Hospital goes to the winner via PM :-)

With MEOW cheers, thank you! :-)
list.jpg (75 Kb)
random.jpg (17 Kb)
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Thank you for this fun giveaway and congrats to the winner.
Congrats, genkicolleen (kudos, lugum), and thanks again, zeffyr!