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Tell me?

I had the idea of making a small video about why one needs to have witcher 2. I thought I'd make it not like a review, but more like a sell speech or something. You know, I would point out the good in the game and why it's a must own.

Now I need your help. No, I don't want you to write the script. I want you to tell me what you think is good in Witcher 2, and what is bad in witcher 2. Give me ideas, pointers, stuff like that.

As an added bonus, I'll give steam keys for Victoria 2 and Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles for two random posters in this thread, one each. Let me know which one you prefer.

So, why would you need to own The Witcher 2 ?
I liked the story, writing and the moral choices of the game. To me, it's a common theme on Witcher. Not a fan of the combat, so this is the real top reason for me. Production quality is top notch too from sound, visuals. Pretty good product overall.
Ooh! I know!

Just in case a genie ever appeared in my room and offered me a chance to see Led Zeppelin live in exchange for a copy of The Witcher 2! :P

I own it but due to sucky hardware I can't play it yet.

One day....
I need to buy it for the 360 since I don't even have the hardware to run the first witcher game despite owning it. >_>
I wish I could add something, but so far I've only got 1, so the only thing I can say is: buy 2 because 1 kicked ass. :-)
mrcrispy83: I need to buy it for the 360 since I don't even have the hardware to run the first witcher game despite owning it. >_>
Yeah, I wish the system requirements were a bit more clear on paper my rig should have been able to handle it. Also that they had spent the money up front to do some optimization. My rig had no particular problems playing other games from that year, but TW2 just will not run at a playable frame rate.

That alone makes me want to suggest that people not buy the game.
KneeTheCap: Tell me?
I'll give steam keys for Victoria 2 and Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles for two random posters in this thread, one each. Let me know which one you prefer.

So, why would you need to own The Witcher 2 ?
I prefer Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles. :-)

Can't tell you anything about Witcher 2 because I bought it at Xmas sale and I didn't played it yet. It looks great and judging from what I've seen from CDP guys it is great.
I bought The Witcher games to support the awesome company that is CD Projekt, because they were recommended by alot of people/well received and due to the high bang for the buck you get by buying them(at least here on GOG).
If you don't buy it then the monsters win.You'll have no one but yourself to blame when a Strigga smashes into your house and paints the dining room walls with your blood and decorates it with your guts.
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I think CD Projekt and CD Projekt Red effort alone is enough to convince anybody to own the game. Premium content, with all the extra goodies, DLCs sold at one normal price. Plus the community for mods and tweak is still alive and well.

The game itself doesn't need monster rig to able to run at acceptable frame rate. My 5 years old rig (Core 2 Quad 2.5Ghz, 4GB RAM, GTX460) is able to run it at decent frame rate (avg. 40 fps, on Ultra with several options disabled).

The game itself is very good, i think you can refer to any magazine or review site they would agree with that opinion. The humour, dialogue, voice acting, the characters and story are very well done. But my only negative point(s), the game is not very open and there are not lots of monster to kill in comparison to it's predecessor. It's still a good game, just don't expect the game to be very similar like the first one.
While the combat was far from perfect in the Witcher 2, I thought it was very enjoyable - especially when fighting human enemies. I liked the back-and-forth of the parry system, though I'm not sure that they ever really perfected it. Combat targeting and responsiveness could have been improved. And perhaps this was just me, but I wanted be able to walk backwards rather than turn around. Especially when fighting multiple enemies it would be helpful to back up a little bit without turning your back. That might be kind of a detailed point ... I can see why they made potions only drinkable and oils only applicable out of combat, though I also understand why some people were annoyed by that change. Overall I agree with the change and I thought combat was, generally, very enjoyable, especially 1-1 duels against human/witcher opponents.

The story and characters were well written to at least a workman-like quality with a few gems of dialogue and character interactions thrown in to make it truly interesting. Iorveth and Roche get the best lines (especially Iorveth). Those two characters are interesting to compare to their counterparts in the Witcher 1. Yaevinn and Siegfried are both better than the causes they fight for, but Roche and Ioverth are both (not without redeeming qualities of course) fighting for good causes (in the end). Roche is a brutal son of a bitch, but loyal to a fault with a sense of justice and honor whose brutality comes from impulsiveness and anger. He doesn't particularly hate any group. Iorveth is a racist who truly hates humans, but has a lot of justification for his hatred and is also far more self-aware than Roche about what he himself is, about what he has become twisted into. He is trying to build a better world with Saskia not only for his people, but even humans too. An interesting point of comparison. So nicely complex main characters - a lot of shades of grey.

Beautiful graphics, with well drawn worlds (if requiring a much, much lower setting for those of us without monster computers ... or just on laptops, but great art direction beyond the quality of the graphics), good music.

(Don't want either game from the contest, thanks though and good luck to all who enter!)
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I haven't played it yet, but I can imagine that the Witcher 2 is quite important if you played the first game. I am expecting the series to become a fantasy version of the Mass Effect series, sans the terrible ending. This is because the Witcher games are big on choices and consequence, something that the Mass Effect series was attempting to exploit. The Witcher also makes effective use of the 'dark' setting. Most forms of entertainment that use a dark setting do so because it is edgy for the sake of edginess, and thus are not very good at using that atmosphere properly.
Not in, but thanks and +1 for your generosity, KneeTheCap!

(Twice, since I own TW2 from another giveaway of yours. Thanks again, mate!) :)

Also, a little promotion in the Giveaways' Directory:

I have little to add to the previous posters, because they've expressed my reasons much better than I had done on my own...

.. except that, as both a fan of Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher series and a gamer, I obviously needed to play this title.. :D
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Because of the story, the graphics and the music. The moral choices of the game are just a "bonus" compared to the immersive story and great graphics. The music is stunning and amazing. I finished the game more than 4 times and it is much better than any AAA RPG out there. Overall it is a great game that will remain one of the best RPG's (for me).
I would prefer any of them (Victoria 2 or Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles).
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Because it's the most awesome thing ever.