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I got the first season of Sam & Max from Telltale as downloads when it was released. I don't think I realized at the time that they were being sold with online activation and limited installations, but in all honesty I'm not sure if it would have made a difference. I was very excited that Sam and Max were actually coming back.

When I last checked my account in there, they were still being that way, and I don't really understand why. I guess they love DRM, but why would they then sell them on too?

In any case I suppose that it served them well, as I have since bought them a second time from here. :(
I have TWD on steam, but I would really like to own the DRM-free installer here on GOG, don't know why they are so lazy about it, it would sell without a doubt incredibly well here.
niniendowarrior: The PC version of TWD has which is the one that matters since GOG is PC only. TWD constantly pings back to Tell Tale's servers to determine what content is available to the player.
Phasmid: The DVD release I was talking about is the PC version. It's a bit of a trial trying to prove it's DRM free (I don't own it, and getting something that explicit is a PITA on google) but there are several people at the telltale forums- eg here - saying it is drm free.
That link has no replies, but the first of the two retail versions of TWD for PC that I have seen didn't say anything about it's DRM status and the latter one which included some new content was a Steam exclusive. As the sequel is infected by DRM I can just forget the first season for now and play something else until at least the first and second seasons are released here.
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The Waking Dead: Season 1 - IGN Review
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Telltale’s WALKING DEAD Game Is The Best WALKING DEAD Thing Ever!
Bumping this thread won't make the game appear any sooner.
Wonder what the holdup is unless BTTF didnt sell well... then again The walking dead isa a far superior game and would sell better... my purchase at anyprice is guaranteed for the DRMfree version.
Gonchi: We never got Jurassic Park either. Does that game do the same "what other players did" gimmick too?
There's no actual choice and consequence system in Jurassic Park.
Got to love necromancy in the GOG forum.
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Grargar: Got to love necromancy in the GOG forum.
At least this one is less than a year old. ;-P
Officoal yearly "this should be a matter of days now" post.
Grargar: Got to love necromancy in the GOG forum.
How very apropos given the subject of this thread. :)
The Walking Dead Season One was FANTASTIC, and I'm dying to play Season 2 (but I'm holding off so that I'll be closer to all of the chapters being out.)

I do wish that Steam would get these so that everyone can have a chance at playing them! (I know a lot of people who refuse to use Steam... until pretty recently, I was one of them!)
Steam is a necessary evil... with the likes of Origin and Uplay... Steam seems like a cuddly kitten...

And if Steam is a Kitten then GOGgalaxy is your favorite lay-z-boy with a super soft throw and ultra plush pillow in front of a 52" 8.1 channel surround sound system and for no other reason then amaziningess a fridge built in on the right and automatic nacho cheese warmer on the left.

Also, necromancy is totally fine XD
Starkrun: Steam seems like a cuddly kitten...
...a kitten riddled with worms, fleas and ticks, that also piddles on the furniture and carpets :p
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