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I don't understand I'm confused.
I'm not really against the downloader, I just wish it worked better than it does.

Some of the features of the old discontinued downloader were far superior than the current ones. Like showing an estimated download time or NOT DELETING EVERYTHING if you cancel the download before it's done.
I don't consider it DRM since it's optional and you can just ignore it. It's simply there for your convenience to download the game installer and/or patches for the games as well as their extras. If you don't have use for you can simply download via the browser you're using.

The GOG Download isn't the most accessible download for some people (from viewing the downloader thread). It works for some, it's completely unusable for others. That's what I got for the most part.
Nothing against a downloader if it works.
I've tried it with downloader...and funny it took longer than without.
I've experienced some glitches with it, but it works and is convenient. How can it be DRM? Games bought here don't require it for installation.
Where are you seeing "many people against the downloader"? The complaints I see most often are about bugs, which indicates that people _want_ to use the downloader, but it doesn't work as it should.
Well I just seen comments where some people asked GOG to make a client. Which I'm kinda against and I seen a ton of comments saying stuff like "No the downloader is bad enough" and "The downloader was a step in the wrong direction." Just stuff like that.
The idea for the client is just to give the downloader more features that will help improve GOG as a competitor to other digital distribution platforms. I personally love the downloader and think it's great, but a few additions would really make it awesome for some people.
Others have said it: the downloader is a somewhat inefficient and cumbersome tool that could be better, but gets cursed at because it isn't better.

For those whose comfort zone extends to command-line tools, even just publishing a file of URLs that could be used with command-line wget would be an improvement.
The downloader is NOT DRM ! All the complaints I've heard about it is because of how bad it works. It used to work perfectly, but now I don't even bother using it anymore.
Its slower
I've never used it and can't see the need for it, in my case at any rate. I use Opera and my GOG doownloads are pretty quick and efficient.
The gog downloader is not drm, and is only meant as a convenient way of downloading from your library. It does not restrict or limit your freedom in any way.
It's basic to be borderline useless. And sometimes it stalls for no reason. The nerve of it.
Let's be clear: when downloading a game you are using a service. I don't mean that in the asinine legalese sense, I mean it in the "some server out there is actually serving you" sense. It's a service whose purpose is to deliver you a product, and at a fundamental level little different than a brick-and-mortar retailer. With respect to DRM, the real question is what you can do with that product once it has been delivered to you.

So no, the downloader isn't DRM because you have control over the product once it is delivered.
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