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I was going to finally get the Fallouts what with the special offer and all.
After I had added them to my cart though, I went apeshit and ended up buying 9 games with that one order.
What's your "record"?
bloody hell, I think mine was 3 from some other 3 game deal in the past
Mine is also 3. The fallout pack.
On gog at least.
If you let me count retail, *and* all the titles in a collection pack. 19. (For $30). Back then, I did not have a job, so it kept me entertained for pretty much the whole year.
3 games at GOG
4 at retail (6 if compilations do count - C&C: The First Decade)
Most of the time i buy only one game, can't afford more.
probably 7... went on an interplay buying frenzy back in Dec
Never went on a spending spree on GOG which is surprisingly unlike me. But retail that would have to be...yeah around 3 I think.
4 I believe, jagged alliance collection
3 here,
35 on steam
Weclock: 3 here,
35 on steam

You bought something like the id software pack i gather?
Four on GOG.
I think it was around thirteen on Black Friday a few years ago.
Weclock: 3 here,
35 on steam
IronChitlin: You bought something like the id software pack i gather?
yeah, would have been around 40 if the unreal deal hadn't disappeared the same day.
I tend to buy 3-4 games on here each time I make a purchase... and I have about 20 games now, so musta done that a few times. :)