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The thing that springs to mind right now would have to be Sim City DS. To quote AVGN, this game was heinously anus.
Bodkin: Wanted Guns. It's even shittier than x-com enforcer.

After that... Crusader of Might and Magic and F3: Mothership Zeta.

You know, I'm currently in the middle of a Fallout 3: Game of the Year playthrough. Now I'm very curious as to what I'll find...
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Spectral Force Genesis.

I bought it expecting it to be terrible, and it still managed to be worse than I imagined.
The Settlers Path to a kingdom or somthing.. paid like 50 for it.. complete trash imo..
I'm going to skip worst and go to the game that I personally harbor the most animosity towards. Worst would be easy -- it'd be some Eastern Bloc shovelware or something Derek Smart made or whatever. But... no, that's boring. And I don't hate those games -- bad Eastern Bloc shovelware is bad Eastern Bloc shovelware. It's hard to get down about it.


Game I hated the most was Daggerfall.

And I'd be really surprised if another game ever managed to get that much hate from me.
Just out of pure frustration and impossibleness.
Beaten :P
Just get both knees on the ground and waddle ahead. When you hit the hurdles, push them over, then lean back and waddle forward to get over them. Then keep on waddling.

If we are going to mention games that were just absolutely horrible, without being memorable in any way shape or form:
Desert Gunner. It is a turret shooter, a really bad turret shooter (and turret shooters are usually bad to begin with). You move along a path in some distinctly american vehicles, and shoot people who look like stereotypical Arabs. These people will just rush you, and some are also suicide bombers. So not only is this game incredibly bad, it is also offensive.
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I can think of a few...

Tigers Unleashed was a novel effort, but it looks horrible and controls worse. I have never seen a game that takes seven steps just to move a unit. It's just tedious through and through. And because of the utmost amount of realism in the calculations, it takes upwards of a minute to calculate each of the turns, even on my beast of a computer.

And then there's Seduce Me. I got gifted it as a joke, but it's pretty bad. It's a casual game and you can tell it is, but pretty much all of your progress in the game is determined by card games. And the random dealing of the cards regularly puts you in situations where you lose no matter what. It doesn't matter what kind of game it is, it's not fun to watch a decent amount of progress slip away based on being dealt a bad hand.

And then don't get me started on Death and the Fly. Ugh. It took me 15 minutes and a Youtube video to figure out how to start the first level. I barely noticed the glowing green circle that was the "tutorial" level (which actually just pulled up the help menu I'd already found) among all of the other bright colors on the map. THEN it took me another 2 minutes to realize that it had opened up a real level, another nearly invisible green circle. AND THEN once I got in, the fly moved really, really slow, and it wasn't clear what each of the characters was supposed to do. And then the music. Ugh. That was annoying.

And Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. I tried the demo. I love the gameplay. The graphics are pretty nice too, and it runs well on my computer. The AI is absolutely horrible. I watched a unit go 50-100m off course and run straight into a wall. And apparently it was never fixed.

And I'm not a huge fan of Colour Bind either. I got it for free, but I wouldn't ever recommend it. It's a physics-based puzzle platformer and it seems like the physics work against you nearly 100% of the time.

I also don't hate Really Big Sky, or think it's a bad game, but I found it really dull and I don't get the appeal of it.

And then there are the obvious ones like Daikatana, Revenge of the Sunfish, etc.

amccour: something Derek Smart made
UGH. Even for free, Battlecruiser Millennium isn't worth it. The controls are horrid, it's overly complicated, and it's a bit empty.

And only All Aspect Warfare could make shooters complex in a bad way. Trying to learn to control my character well was like trying to fly a...well, a battlecruiser.
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Not the worst, but the most disappointing. After hearing it hyped up for several years as a modern classic, I was expecting loads of philosophical undertones and themes, and what | got was a Doomlike where the only meaningful plot point was whether or not to kill or save a group of minibosses. Such a letdown.
Don't mind me but you can't fuckin talk about fuckin Rogue Warrior without saying fuckin a lot and this video review from Giantbomb can't fuckin manage it either.
Dead Man's Hand was a real gem. I wrote this review for it after playing it in 2006:

This game is the most boring, bland, lifeless excuse for a shooter I've seen in some time. The graphics are ok, the sound is ok, but the gameplay such as it is, is driven by a rather contrived, lame story of vengence ala Clint Eastwood Western: The main character is grievously wronged (not that you ever see this) and has returned to exact justice on those who wronged him. Not long into the game, in a nauseatingly corny scene he meets up with some girl who wants to help him and informs her this is too dangerous for her and he must go it alone, etc. It wasn't long after this that I exited the game and uninstalled it.

The cut scenes are done in faded, blurry, low resolution, black and white, as if this is supposed to be a very old Western film reel I suppose. Rather than pull off any sort of authenticity however, they simply look terrible, not that the story they present is worthy of your attention anyway.

In highly linear fashion, you move from point A to point B, killing various bad guys as you go until you reach the end of the level and kill some boss character and then lucky you gets to see the next cutscene for your reward. In one level I'd killed them all I thought and kept wandering about trying to get the damned boss to just spawn so I could kill him too and end this torment, but no.... I must have wasted some 10 minutes screwing around before I stepped on the magic spot that caused him to appear and begin tossing knives at me.

If the game has a save system, it wasn't readily apparent to me so I found myself having to reload multiple times to get through the early levels on standard difficulty. Getting sick of this, I wimped out and took the easy level of difficulty for the purpose of seeing some more of the game before abandoning ship altogether.

I tried the multiplayer which also is lacking and played a little western shoot-out briefly, became bored and left. I tried again the next night I played and found nobody home. I guess they all feel asleep too and were perhaps still taking siestas after time spent with this title. I feel thier pain.

On a bright note, I only paid a few bucks for this in a EB Games clearance bin as a used title. I guess somebody with little conscience sold it back so some other hapless gamer could suffer - misery does love company.

It isn't often I have such disdain for a game but I've long wanted to enjoy a decent Western themed shooter and basically there hasn't been one since Lucas Arts gave us Outlaws. Maybe Gun will be better. I certainly hope so.

When it comes to this game my advice folks is to get the hell outta Dodge right now! You're gonna need to saddle up and ride elsewhere if you want some real western themed shooter fun as there isn't any to be found here.
Some people liked it but I can't figure out why. Here's my take on Vietcong:

I wanted to like this but beyond the electric guitar music at the main menu screen there wasn't much to like.

The opening scene which takes you to a camp up north for some "action" you've been just dying to experience versus the "boredom" of being safe with a chance of going home in one piece and still breathing, sets the stage for the initial missions. During this flight you get the rundown on the poor soul you are replacing from one of his pals who is completely unaffected by the loss and tells you oh, well he took a AK-47 round to the head and was dead before he hit the ground. Oh well, that's war he tells you with bogus macho facade geared towards some stereotypical idea of a stupid teenage boy who would think this is cool.

Fortunately, I would hope most teenage boys are not stupid and would not think this downplaying of the horror of Vietnam and the death of one's friends is cool at all and neither is this stupid game.

The opener really blew it for me personally. That and the immediate bugs with looping sound, looped speech in training, completing training and having the drill instructor never notice but keep ordering you to do it like nothing ever happened, the several crashes and the general ugliness of the graphics pretty much told me early on it's time to bail now before any more time is wasted here.

I could forgive half-baked visuals easily in a game that otherwise is stable and of decent quality in other areas but I just didn't see it here. Needless to say, I didn't get very far.

I tried multiplayer and while the server ping was very low, the lag was horrific. Who knows why. I tried several with similar results. I am surprised at this late date for this game in particular there are any servers going at all but I guess it must work better on some systems or something. Most games play just fine for me but who knows. In any case, it was unplayable and at this point I logged and uninstalled before it could crash again on me.

Pretty much a train wreck of a game in my book that could have been good with a lot more work which it never got. Avoid this one as there are much better ways to blow 10 bucks in the bargain bins than this lemon.
One of the worst game I've played would have to be the adventure game Sherlock Holmes Nemesis. For me, the game was extremely difficult add didn't seem to be made for anyone who wasn't a hardcore (and I mean really hardcore) adventure game fan.
For me it would have to be the first Sonic Adventure game, it is frankly the worst game I played in terms of hearing so many good things about it. I will say that I am not a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, I do enjoy the classic games but I am more of a Mario type of person and love Jazz Jackrabbit more than Sonic. Sonic Adventure was a loud, annoying, clunky mess of a game and I fail to see why Sonic fans say that this was the last good Sonic game in the franchise. I understand that it was the first proper Sonic game in 3D but saying that it is still good is a bit of an overstatement since the game feels like it is playing itself half of the time, the camera is the bane of the game's existence and causes so many cheap deaths it is not funny, not to mention that only two or three characters in the game were decent to play through.
First off I must admit to liking Bit.Trip.Runner. The gameplay might not be very varied, but it's a bit of a trip when running with the sounds and colours going on while trying to keep your attention on not failing horribly...again. Not best game by far, but far from worst. If it's the worst game you've played, you sir, have been blissfully spared.

I tend to play games and try to see merits even when there are none, I can even forgive a game for being rather shoddily executed if it at least carried a really good concept but stumbled. I'm going to have to give "Too Human" the title of worst game I've played that I can think of right at the moment. It's neat they tried to create a new world, and that they tried to make a new control scheme, but the control scheme failed so bad that it's just not funny. The levels are rather uninspired. The dialog is drawn out and boring both acting and content wise. And after spending 30 minutes just hacking away at a boss enemy and finally defeating it, I looked up an FAQ if there weren't better ways to kill him I completely missed. If there were, no FAQ were going to tell me about it.
The graphics were okay, but graphics does not a good game make.
Every game I play, I like it. With so little time on this Ball, I see no point in wasting my time for bad games.
Oh, I just thought of one. Dreamfall. Jesus Christ. The gameplay was shitty to non-existant and the story was a complete fucking mess. I'd love to know what the hell was going on during development, since the same devs managed to produce an absolute gem of a prequel.