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Hey all,
Wondering what current tv shows everyone are currently watching/following this year? (might help me pick up some new series i might not be aware of like The Following (someone mentioned in another thread) & Zero Hour)
For me Bones, CSI: NY, CSI, Supernatural, Person of Interest, Spartacus (the current one) & The Walking dead.
If there's a Strike Back season 4 at some point, hope its not far off ;).
While it is not an extremely consistent series, I have been getting into The Big Bang Theory recently.
Only seires I would watch is Star Trek which I never seen any off the different series and movies.

I don't know where to see Star Trek: The Original Series legit.
I watch stuff at UK pace on TV so in some things I'm way behind, depends on which channel has the rights to them.

Supernatural is one of my favourite shows, but it'll probably be another six months before the latest series starts being shown over here (then they'll probably show 2 episodes per week again.) I'm not sure why but Supernatural in particular gets very poor treatment in this country, very little advertising then odd time spots with no explanation.

Walking Dead airs a few days after the US version so I'm current in that (I think.)

Game of Thrones starts back April 1st. \o/

I used to like Spartacus but I haven't seen beyond the series where the lead actor changed. It's a shame the original actor died, I thought he was good in the role. I'll give the new one a shot eventually.

Dexter I watch also, Season 7 of Dexter only just started here last week. I wasn't keen on S6 but S7 looks like it'll be way better already.

Apart from that I mostly just watch some UK things like Doctor Who and Sherlock (Sherlock is amazing.) Plus some current anime - the reboot of Hunter X Hunter is interesting.
Downton Abbey, Sherlock and Dexter are the only current shows that I still watch, they're all wonderful, for different reasons.

But I recently finished the second season of Pushing Daisies, was expecting to be disappointed by the ending since they barely had time to prepare after their cancelation, but I liked it, resolved the few things I needed to see resolved and the rest has a feeling of "and they'll go on having adventures" which felt apropriate.

Am now rewatching Life on Mars (UK of course), 2 seasons, 8 episodes each. It never felt like it was wasting my time with filler, it's probably my favorite show for how concise it is.

Now I started watching a show from 96 called Early Edition that I used to watch when I was a kid, to see if it holds up, and so far I'm liking it. It's about a guy who receives tomorrow's newspaper, so he knows everything that will happen that day. It has a certain "superhero story" feel to it, with the way he tries to prevent disasters, but it's interesting to see how he does those things without any power or special ability, he's a completely normal guy who knows something bad will happen and tries to do something about it.

Not to lecture you or anything, but I can't get into american shows anymore, they're too episodic and even when they're not they run for way too long, and I just feel tired or like there's no point to anything. The only episodic show that I still love (and absolutely do) is the original Law and Order, don't get me started on that awful SVU, because they went full on episodic, rarely bothered you dwelling too much on the characters and the stories were good enough that a single episode could feel satisfying.

You really should look up stuff that is already finished. You can know if it was good all the way through and if it got a proper ending. It's good to know exactly what you're getting yourself into beforehand. Also, try to watch some shorter shows like some of the ones I mentioned, not only you can watch more in the same amount of time, they really feel carefully planned.

P.S.: Sorry for writing such a huge post. I try not to be so verbose, but I just can't help myself.
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Just finished Prison Break on Netflix (loved it) currently searching for a older Netflix series. Of the current crop of shows I have settled on The Following other than that nothing.
Not much.
Person of Interest, The Walking Dead, waiting for next season of Game of Thrones.
shows: Fringe, Dexter, The Shoeld, Trailerpark Boys.

Movies: Book of Eli, District 9, American History X
I don't really keep up with series especially American ones but I am pretty current on Doctor Who and Sherlock (coincidence both made by same person? ;)

Edit: Also Love/Hate a crime show in Ireland but it's really popular who feel odd if I didn't keep up with it :P
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CSI: NY is one of the very worst series ever made.
Psych. And Community.

...and Bones.

...and Game of Thrones (when it comes back).

...and True Blood (when it comes back).
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I'm watching the latest/last season of The Office and it's pretty good. My girlfriend and I are going to be sad once it's gone. I'd like to be watching The Walking dead but that just isn't possible at the moment. Looking forward to when Breaking Bad comes back on in the Summer for it's final 8 or 9 episodes :D.
Also: I watch the Torchwood mini-series whenever they come out even though Torchwood is becoming Americanized...
Battlestar Galactica
House of Cards

Parks and Recreation
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Party Down
Doctor Who. :DDD