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high rated
I just wanted to show you what my sister created for me to gift me something for Christmas. It was actually in a box she made out of cardboard with a little door.
Isn't that extremely cute?
coupon.jpg (151 Kb)
Awwwwww :P
very cute :)
Cool! :)
That's awesome. +1 for your sister via you for the great gift.!
I wanted to say something smart ass and cynical as is my nature, but that is just too damn cute. Alas, I am at a loss.
Nice. :)
Not only is it adorable, but that is some fine handiwork!
Really nice work. Congrats to you and your sister for the imagination of presenting :D
That is cute. Is she normally the creative type? Only she's got some skills.
Yep, it sure is. :)
Thank you all. *is a proud big sister*
My sister is very creative. She sews her own costumes and builds masks (complete with moving jaws and all that) for LARP and stuff like that.
That is lovely. You have a sweet and talented sister. Lucky you! Merry Christmas!
That is hilarious