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How cute! And way better than any work of mine on cardboard xD
Very cute and creative :)
Your sister rocks!
niceee, thanks for sharing such awesome moment
Well, I've got nothing original - that is beyond awesome, thanks for sharing!
Cool. I like it.
You got a Gift!
gifted by dreammouse
Machinarium: Collector`s Edition
448 MB

Yay! She sent me the code!
(And she saw this topic and was very happy that so many people like her little robot.)
Take a bow, dreammouse! ;)
And enjoy one of the most charming adventures Piranjade.
Piranjade: I just wanted to show you what my sister created for me to gift me something for Christmas. It was actually in a box she made out of cardboard with a little door.
Isn't that extremely cute?
I figure someone might get a laugh from what I'm about to post so here it goes, my sister's boyfriend got me some cheesy TV movies this is the exact gift in this link: I wasn't very happy a GOG game would have been nice. If you are wondering why the hell dd my sister's boyfriend give me a gift for Christmas the best explanation I have is that I sent him a code for Duke Nukem when it was free.
That's great, all the benefits of modern digital content while losing none of the personal touch or presentation of more tangible gifts. Please pass this +1 along to your sister for her awesomeness :)
Very cool.