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Frank Sinatra
darthspudius: Iron Maiden... bad album? My personal opinion... Piece of mind, Futureal and everything after Brave New World was frickin terrible. I don't know whats worse, Bruce trying desperately to hit the high notes (and failing), Steve harris' terrible production or generally just poor song writing.
tinyE: Well I feel a little silly saying this but I actually really like that record. I think Revelations is their best song. I think Where Eagles Dare is the best opening for a metal album minus Hells Bells.
I know a few people who thinks it's the bees knees, except three songs (two of which you mentioned) it's just a load of b-side material. It sounds very disjointed and under cooked In my opinion ofcourse. Especially compared to the first 3 albums which are absolute classics.
Stooner: Black Sabbath.
Stooner: Black Sabbath.
javihyuga: LISTEN TO THIS MAN.
"fuckin A bubba"
Stairway to heaven and there are many others. As for composers, I think that some of the best music of recent years were film scores where a lot of timeless classics-in-the-making can be found : Howard Shore, John Williams, James Newton Howard, John Barry and more...
For some reason this idea of "stand the test of time" always bothers me - I like that 80ies music sound so different from 70ies and 90ies music and I still love to listen to Thriller, Tarzan Boy, Cruel Summer, Princes of the Universe, Piano in the Dark etc. But there was also a ton of crap music in the 80ies just like there is now and in every decade. We just tend to remember the good stuff.

I don't think music (or books, movies and games) should be made to "stand the test of time" but should be enjoyed NOW! So maybe we will not remember some tunes 20 years from now that we enjoy today but so what? Taste can change and what we enjoy today, we may hate tomorrow. It's great that we remember Elvis, Mchael Jackson, Beatles and Madonna but I also love finding a song (or game, book, movie) that everybody hates or don't know about and then just loving that song in my own special way - just for the sake of pleasure.
Since musical tastes are highly subjective - all of them.
amok just said what I was going to say.

Any other answer is wrong
Hair metal!
Metallica - any of the pre-black albums (technically only kill em all will be 30 years old in July)
Iron Maiden
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Sex Pistols
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Nearly everything from bluenote in the 1950's, John Coltrane and Miles Davis especially
And really old blues by Bessie Smith, Lil Johnson ans Sippie Wallace to name a few.
Also try listening to some Al Bowlly his music today is still used in film and TV and really defines an era.
Only show no mercy is 30, reign in blood came out in 1986.
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whatever gets you going
My brother says I'm not a die hard Slayer fan because I love Seasons.