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Il tua son petit frère - Bérurier Noir
It is best to use this thread because it's more popular. So more people will see what song you are listening to right now in this thread and you will see more recent posts from other people.
Deathspell Omega
It's that month again...
nevermind. no post here folks.
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Dark Hollow from the Spyro The Dragon Soundtrack... such amazing music!
Conan The Barbarian - 30th Anniversary Edition --- 06. Theology/Civilization.flac :)
The new album from George Anthony Nothing Like Your Love.

Freestyle lives!
BadBadNotGood - BBNG2
Elderwind - The Magic of Nature, actually I didn't listen to it for some time now but I searched the thread and no one added it yet, and it's an excellent album, so there you go.