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Because i am a big fan of New Retro wave and enjoy moans about being a real human bean xD
Kung Fury OST:
Oddly enough, I didn't know Haris Aleksiou's version of Kazantsidis' "Opoia ka na 'sai" ("Whoever you are").

Whatever I love dies, and I start again from the beginning...

Version by Dalaras.

Original version.

And heck, let's add an epic Marinella version, just because.
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With sadness :

The name of the Rose
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Fettes Brot - Jein
BABYMETAL - いいね!- Iine!
FF V's soundtrack (yes, FF soundtrack again)
Catherine's Cathedral
Died in your arms - cutting crew
Lil' fit of nostalgia for the very short period of my life where I was discovering in a row, on VHS, a series of efficient little scifi/anticipation flicks you might have already heard of : "Terminator 2", "Predator 2", "Robocop"...

They were tied not only by the period where I was watching them, but also by their style, their flavor, their era, and theoir efficient use of iconic music. Great soundtracks which encapsulate their tone and universe so accurately that listening to their main themes almost feel like a whole movie spoiler.

Like, all of Terminator is "told" there :

Terminator 1 main theme :
Terminator 2 main theme :

This is Robocop :

Predator's isolation stalking sci-fi jungle tribal suspense mystery action survival music :

And you know what ? YOU KNOW WHAT ?

I am NOT FAR from considering that Pacific Rim's videogame-ish soundtrack qualifies for that category of joyous all-there-is-to-know-about-the-film music :

Spirit OF Burgas 2015:
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Imagine Dragons

I Bet my Life for You.