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Please reply people.
Treverend: Please reply people.
how about this?
Yeah, but some of them change how the game was meant to be played, like the TeamX NPC mod. I don't want to change the game, I just want to fix what was taken out.
#1 and #2 in the linked thread don't change anything, they just add the kids back in and fix some of the discrepancies between the various versions of the game. #5 is just a widescreen patch to make it more playable on modern systems.

#3 is just bugfixes.
#4 is a content patch.

In the "old stickies" section, #5 is a res patch and the rest are content or editors.
But 4 adds something that wasn't originally put in the game, right?
taken directly from the site:

- Ian, Katja and Tycho can gain up a levels (1 per players 4), change armour and
combat tactics.
- Dogmeat can be ordered to wait.

that's all it does. If you feel that it's not how the game is supposed to be, just skip it.
Read my post in the above thread:

You should install the semi-official patch, the unofficial TeamX patch and the high-resolution patch. That will get rid of the censorship, fix a ton of bugs and allow you to play the game on higher (and widescreen) resolutions.
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