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I want this made Scifi rpg. TURN BASED. Yes!!
Crosmando: ......
The design of this game is buggered. I have no idea why any of them thought combining overhead mode with "blob" first-person was a good idea...
Your way too picky mate. Wait til all the details are out on the updates.
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nijuu: I want this made Scifi rpg. TURN BASED. Yes!!
Your way too picky mate. Wait til all the details are out on the updates.
That comment of mine is out of date, I thought the game's combat could be played in either first-person or overhead, which I thought would be a clusterfuck design. I researched the matter further, and the devs say the game has first-person view for exploration and puzzles, and overhead view for battles, so like Arkania. Which is fine to me.
Legend of Iya, a 2D metroidvania with stunning pixel art :

38% and 2 weeks left, hmmm...
Fran Bow.

These guys are not asking much, come on... and I know a lot of people here on GOG love point-n-click adventure games, so help them, if you please.
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Hey, everyone. I know this is a little unorthodox, but I'd like you all to strongly consider supporting Middle of Nowhere. Why is that unorthodox? Because the Kickstarter campaign won't actually start until next week.

Here is a Steam concept page for the game. For anyone who is a fan of Silent Hill, Middle of Nowhere is basically a first-person version of Silent Hill 1 with better graphics, new monsters/locales/music, and renamed characters. I don't really think that's a bad thing though, considering the music is great (it sounds a LOT like Akira's work), the creatures so far are inspired and twisted, and the game can serve as either the much-needed remake of Silent Hill people have been waiting for or as a unique take on first-person computer survival horror games.

Even if you don't want to support it, if you know any people who are interested in survival horror, please pass the word on.

PS: I'd like to know Novotnus' impressions of this game.
PPS: There's 2 of these threads, so I'm posting to both.

Edit: Well, one of the creatures is neat. Then there's a generic spider and the overused nurse monster.
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nightrunner227: PPS: There's 2 of these threads, so I'm posting to both.
The new thread was created to supersede this one, please don't.
Been awhile since I've posted here. Last time it was to promote my game, Rizon Skies, on Kickstarter. That game was subsequently cancelled while myself and my team went back to the drawing board to figure out what we really wanted from the game. Here's what we came up with:

DRM Free
Play how you want
Customizable vehicles(Airships, boats, steam engines)
Reactive questing(Things happen, jump in!)
Mod Everything
Huge open world, go anywhere
Player run servers

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we are back(On indiegogo now, Kickstarter soon). If you like the game, and are able to, please take the time to pledge. If you can't pledge then I would like to ask that you share the Indiegogo page on facebook, twitter, or wherever else you can think of. Thank you for your time!

I can't post any links at this time, the name of the project is World of Steam
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Now, a creepy adventure about cats! DRM-free.
Looks really promising, can't wait to try the demo.
Novotnus: ...
The new crowdfunding thread is here.
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ET3D: The new crowdfunding thread is here.
Thanks :)
I'm sorry for attempting OT but I wonder - If I contributed to Indiegogo campaign and later decide to up my pledge, does it work like Kickstater? That the total sum matters. Or do I need to give full sum tied to a specific tier ?
Legend of Iya - aprox 7 hours left on its Kickstarter. $2.5k to go . . .

"A metroidvania adventure built of beautiful pixels."

in the comics realm:

The Chronicles of Faro - 30 days to go.

"An immortal love story begins when an ill fated time traveler attempts to prevent the Lincoln Assassination. Cover by FRANCHESCO."
ErekoseDM: ...
See my post above with the link to the new thread.
ErekoseDM: ...
ET3D: See my post above with the link to the new thread.

just did a search for 'kickstarter'

4-5 pages of results later and this was the first one that popped up that looked familiar >_<

need a v2.0 at the top of the new thread or something
they look nearly identical besides that multi-posts at the intro of the newest one
It's not my type I have seen gamers into it here, so:

Project description: A 2D, urban scifi Metroidvania featuring the combat mechanics of Dark Souls as applied to gunplay + the dynamic speed of Vanquish!