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HollowFear, a tower defence Diablo-ish RPG.
A gamebook with martial arts:

Another comics project:
What do you guys think of the formatting?
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Just to let you guys know, I won't be updating the OP here anymore, due to the forum's word limit. I'll be updating this thread instead:

So if you're one of the three people who regularly watch the OP for new additions, please update your bookmark. If you're not, please update too, as future discussions on Kickstarter projects will likely continue there. Thanks! :D
Right. On to the new thread. I can't wait for this game, it's called Centration.
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Next good game on kick
Project Fedora renamed Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

teaser trailer:
Thanks for this link.
Fran Bow, a nice and creepy point and click (and with a funny pitch video) :
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charbon: Fran Bow, a nice and creepy point and click (and with a funny pitch video) :
Wow, this game looks really cool, I definitely love the style! I backed it, thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have known about this project because I have never used indiegogo before, just kickstarter.
Frozen State failed to get funded :( .
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The design of this game is buggered. I have no idea why any of them thought combining overhead mode with "blob" first-person was a good idea...
This adventure game has a really interesting visual design.