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Siannah: Best PVE: Guild Wars 2
Are you serious? GW2 has the worst PvE I have ever seen in MMO game, and it's not only my personal opinion, but also well known fact.
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reaver894: I would also like to point out that EvE online should be considered for:

Worse Community (there are some good people in EvE but the majority are fucking pricks)
wizall: I really can't argue with that, but it's what's attractive about the game. Or, rather, it's a byproduct of having a truly open system.. Every other MMO feels like it's on rails compared to it. If Goons and other trolls enjoy it, too, it's cool with me. I met some great people in the game to counteract the assholes. We found an area pretty remote and were left pretty well alone.
nice, I had an inbuilt dislike for Goons and TEST when i started but the more you read into what they accomplished I found it hard to dislike them, I have no intentions of joining them or anything like that but I dont hope to kill them whenever i see them anymore.

Id be interested to know where you set up shop though, feel free to shoot me a PM (and dont worry, Im already set up and really cant be assed to move again)
Siannah: Best PVE: Guild Wars 2
SpikyGOG: Are you serious? GW2 has the worst PvE I have ever seen in MMO game
Yes I am. When everyone screamed for an MMO that isn't a carbon copy of WoW with different textures, GW2 delivered exactly that.
No quests (except the personal storyline), dynamic events with the option to drop in / drop out anytime.... you wanna talk about innovation? Probably not.

SpikyGOG:'s not only my personal opinion, but also well known fact.
I don't know where you get your "facts" from. A fact would be the 68 reviews on metacritic resulting in a 90 out of 100 average score. Or the 1923 user ratings, scoring a 8.0 out of 10.
Now I'm well aware that metacritic isn't the knockout argument and how flawed these scores are. But a "well known fact" sure looks different for me....

Edit: oh and for the sake of it, please come up with YOUR first hand results before criticizing others opinion (yes I'm aware I posted just an opinion and not "well known facts") - otherwise you're the one not looking serious or even worse.
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I've played a number of MMOs over the years, but I can narrow my favorites down to:

Ragnarok Online - This was the first MMO that I really took seriously and I still play it from time to time. Many fond memories of soloing my way through as many dungeons as I could, then grouping up with a few IRL friends (we always named our party "The Flu Mask Bandits") to hunt down mini-bosses for easy loot.

WoW - The second MMO that I really took seriously, and my current MMO as well. I can't really place my finger on what it is, but WoW just clicked with me in a way that no other online game really has. I play it pretty much every other day with friends and foresee myself doing so for years to come.