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Fract beta is free and worth a look.
Thanks for all your help guys! looking into all of these.

I was looking around the used PC game section of a local game store (my other place for old PC games other than and I saw a video game adaptation of The Da Vinci Code. I never read the book, but I love the director's cut of the Ron Howard movie (I thought the original cut had some pacing issues) and thought I might go back and buy it. It doesn't seem to be in the first-person, so its not totally relevant, but I thought I'd ask about it here since I already had the topic here. Has anyone played it, and if so, is it any good? Online reviews don't look fantastic but a lot of adventure games just get mediocre reviews now a days. What I thought was interesting was that it isn't based on the movie, but rather based on the original novel, which makes me think it might be better than most "movie games".