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This is something that has been driving me nuts since I got the system... the thing is supposed to be as powerful as a PS3 (and I believe it after playing Uncharted), but it doesn't seem to have cooling fans or the such (which the PS3... & hell, even the PS2 needed to stop overheating). Anybody know the answer to this?
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I'm going to bump this once in hopes that somebody who wasn't on last night will see it. Keep in mind my vita isn't really overheating, I am just curious as to why.
Size most likely has a lot to play in it. Whilst the Vita might be "as powerful" the fact that the screen is tiny means that it has to put far far less effort into display than the PS3 does to achieve a similar level of clarity on a much larger resolution and larger scale screen.

There might also be other graphical tricks and limitations are play due to the small size and the fact that it only has to resolve so much detail before your eyes give up trying to see it without a magnifying glass.