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MartynD88: I'm currently reading through Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton again until I can afford an e-book reader.

What e-book reader would you guys recommend?
misteryo: I have been using the Kindle app on my phone quite happily.
I also use the kindle app, it is a good one.
Gunsang: Great book. Seeing as you're from Ireland I assume it has the 21st chapter? Kubrick's film and many versions released in the U.S. are missing the last chapter. Certainly gives it a different feel.
Yes, I had the version with the original ending. Removing that chapter in the US version was a huge mistake, though I do wonder how it would have felt to read the US book without knowing there is actually a chapter missing.
Steven Erikson's Toll the Hounds (Book 8 in his fantasy epic The Malazan Book of the Fallen) I've finished a couple of days ago. Overall enjoyable, albeit not great like some past instalments in the series. I think he's guilty of overdoing moments of self-reflection with almost all of the characters in this one, where close to every sub-chapter begins with a melancholic introspection, that's often cleverly written and interesting, but became a chore to wade through in later parts of the book, because it's been used so much.

Still, now I can't stop I feel after having invested that much time in the series, I ordered Dust of Dreams to learn how the story plays out further. I own the Bantam paperback of Toll the Hounds (ISBN13: 9780553813197), which has OK-sized fonts, but is the first of these regular cheap paperbacks of Malazan books where the spine broke on my first read-through (still alright to get, if you don't wanna spend the money for a hardcover).
The count of MonteChristo. I revise it carefully. After all, brilliant writers, find inspiration from real events. Or maybe readers, can get inspiration, from brilliant writers instead.....
Reading "The Line of Polity" by Neal Asher.
Just got a much-anticipated book: The Slow Regard of Silent Things, a novella by Patrick Rothfuss.

Fellow readers of the Kingkiller Chronicles who somehow haven't heard of this book being released in late October should really take heed. It features the vagabond sewer-dweller Auri, who became one of my favorite characters in the two books. I hope it makes for a fine appetizer while awaiting the main course...the Doors of Stone, the final book in the trilogy.
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Aside from a bunch of books for college...

I'm trying to read Metro 2033 but it's long and I've been reading so much for college reading isn't really as fun anymore :(