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Finished The Last Wish and now started The Blood of the Elves. Good read and lots of things that I recognize from the games and viceversa.
Finished the River King - it was good - and now started on My Idea of Fun by Will Self.
It seems to be about a murderous psychopath and his memories/justifications, but the only thing I can think of is "Man, that Will Self sure loves his thesaurus."
It seems like the book is written just so the author can show of how many big and fancy words he knows.
I received a batch of Malazan-books today. I'm now reading Gardens of the Moon, and enjoying it a lot so far.
Currently I'm reading Asatru: A Native European Spirituality by Stephen McNallen and The Master of Game by Edward of Norwich. So far I am really enjoying the Asatru book which is about Germanic folkish heathenism and about its history and its influence in politics and culture. The Master of Game is a book about hunting and it was written in the 15th century and contains a forward message by Theodore Roosevelt. It deals with topics like what makes a good hunter and practices although it can be tough to understand since it is written with older English expressions.

I also intend to start reading The Saga of the Volsungs really soon.
Shadowflight: Im reading Finders Keepers by Stephen King.

I dont know whats wrong with him these days, he seems to be leaving the supernatural stuff to his son, This book is a sequel of sorts to Mr Mercedes, it is a little bit better than Mercedes but it could have been written by anyone really, it is not the type of book you would expect from Mr King, its just a basic cops and robbers yarn.
I didn't like Mr. Mercedes that much; kind of got the feeling he was trying to pander to a younger audience. Really some lame ideas there. Then again, I don't think "I'm so coked-up I think I'll write a whole book about a rabid dog" was a very good idea either...

I think he's always been hit-or-miss, and he's more "miss" when he ventures away from what established him. His books have always had a lot of psychological horror, though; it just seems like that's what he focuses on these days, to the detriment of of actual physical horror. "Revival" seemed like it was trying to grasp the old days but didn't quite get there.
I read "Holy Cow" by David Duchovny. Quite funny.

I'm debating "Knight's Shadow" by Sebastien de Castell ("Traitor's Blade" was great) and "Zero World" by Jason M. Hugh; I don't know if I should read them for pleasure or for review-writing purposes. They're each quite large and I don't know if I want to tackle them from a review standpoint because they would take too long.
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