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the witcher - EE: the story shines through with the new translation. fantastic work. the moral grey area is just beautiful.
sacred: its a click-fest, action-rpg, sure. but it has the openness of an oblivion, with the charm of gorgeous - and amazingly detailed - isometric graphics to go with it. there's something really charming about it on the surface, while underneath lurks a brilliant series of systems used to develop your character. a lot deeper than its label as a "diablo-clone" lets on.
romance of the three kingdoms xi: i've mixed feelings about it. on the one hand, i love that everything takes place on a single map, (no abstracted battle maps or city maps) everything right there in front of me. i even love the crude but charming graphics (everything is drawn to look like chinese watercolors). on the downside, the lack of city-management options gets a bit boring once you have developed your cities (there aren't a lot of different structures to build in the base-game koei has released so far). past a certain point in the game, i find i'm spending most of my play-time shipping funds and food from my developed states to my war-fronts. (a function like the trade route builder from the old holistic "merchant / machiavelli prince" games would be a godsend in this game)
stalker - soc: a strange game that i cant get enough of. sometimes i get home from work and its really the only game i want to fire up. one word i'm sure you've all heard about this game - ad nauseum - would be "immersion". good stuff.
oh! freespace 2, now that i've gone and bought a little gamepad to play it with. i patched it up to the latest open version and have just been amazed at how well this game has aged. (after years of homeworld, nexus, eve online etc i'd forgotten how fun playing space sims with a joystick / gamepad was)
you? im curious. we might even hear about something good we didn't know about yet.
Recently I bought Bioshock so that might be the game that I have been playing lately more than others. Before that I use to play Hexxagon (Yes. A Flashed version 8) ) while getting ready to work and I also have Master of Orion 1 (it do works on XP if you dont mind the sounds) for a morning game. Medium galaxy, hard and "choose next race from list" = 30 minutes of playing max... (you dont really have to wait after pressing "next day" with dual core 2,6Ghz CPU ;))
I started Oblivion for the first Time about a Week ago and played it so much that i started Dreaming about it ;)
But after about 60Hrs of Gameplay, i reached lvl 15 only and was Head of the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and was loaded on Cash and Items - thats when i stopped and got bored to Death.
I really dont like it how they make the Mobs always being your lvl. That makes things way too easy.
So recently i installed Francesco`s Mod to get the Fun back into the Game.
First Time i played a sneaky, evil Thief and Killer so i will try it again as a good Mage.
So yeah, Oblivion it is for me atm while waiting for Fallout 3 :)
I just bought mount and blade and i am enjoying the game although its hard at times. Even though its from a small company it is really enjoyable and has a lot of interesting features. Fighting on a horse. The graphics and sound are good too.
Also playing fallout 2 from here still think one of the best pc games ever.
Just picked up Mercenaries 2 the other day, so I've been playing that a fair bit. Seems pretty faithful to the fun I had with the original, while adding a few extra layers that don't feel needless.
Just finished messing around with the Demo for the remake of King's Bounty that gets a full release next week...really, really enjoyed it, and will DEFINITELY be making a buy of that one.
Football season cranking up has me playing Front Office Football 2007 again (with an '08 roster file). Oh, and I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy again, recently, so that inspired me to haul out Battle for Middle Earth 2 once more.
Gravitron 2 (a little piece of retro-arcade heaven).
Also the Vertigo series expansion for Descent 2 (the fact that it's not here prompted me to install it and finally start playing it properly.)
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Mostly Stalker: SoC (with the Oblivion Lost Mod) and UFO: Afterlight. I also just rented a PS3 and marathoned my way through MGS4. It was pretty good.
"A lot", huh? I fear my definition of "a lot" may be entirely different to others. I don't have much time to play.... and I like to mix things up since I get bored easily.
In order of wasted time:
Bomberman Blast, Endless Ocean, and Ghost Squad on my Wii, Legend of Mana and DewPrism (Threads of Fate) on my PSP via PSX emulation, Ryzom and MDK on my PC, Meteos on my DS ... and I haven't turned on my 360 to play a game for so long that I don't remember which of its games I play most. Probably Rez HD. Love that game, especiually the music. Stage 5 is so awesome.
My Mac has a version of ioquake3, but usually I don't play games on it. Can't resist giving it a go every two or three months or so.
Sword of the Stars - Because i love space, its epic, fun and engaging.
Suikoden 3 - Just got my chipped ps2 and i can finally play my imported games :D And i LOVE the Suikoden series
fallout - cuz i bought it, it's farkin fallout dude
earthbound - getting hyped for the translated version of earthbound 3
castle crashers - mmm bmups
games I intend to play but forget:
silent hill 1 - i gots it on my psp, hurray HACKS
burnout paradise - i need to download that motorcycle update
dead rising - ok i didn't forget, it just scares the bejeezus out of me.
Umm, i reinstalled arcanum about a week ago, after writing a post on here about it and ive been playing through it again over the last few days :D
strange really tho cos ive just bought mass effect and i can't really be arsed to play it! it ll just have to wait.
NWN1 on-line with a buddy is where I spend most of my gaming time.
I also have a game of Fallout and Divine Divinity going and sometimes fire up Sins of a Solar Empire. I'm waiting for my local shop to get a retail copy of The Witcher EE so when that comes in I'll be once again immersing myself in the world of the Witcher.
Aside from that I have quite a few games I've bought but not played yet. Wondering where I'll find the time...
Been playing lots of Sins of a Solar Empire, System Shock 2, Team Fortress 2, Quake Live, and Unreal Tournament 2004.
Descent. <3
Vagabond: Been playing lots of Sins of a Solar Empire, System Shock 2, Team Fortress 2, Quake Live, and Unreal Tournament 2004.

If only I could get myself a working copy of System Shock 2 for windows xp.
Please, please GoG...