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drxenija: 300$ to 400$? for a good gaming laptop? Where can you get that?
amccour: My laptop was 280 and it can run a lot of recent stuff. Low settings and the framerates aren't great sometimes, but I mean, COMPLETELY playable and in most cases not on the absolute lowest settings (Deus Ex: HR needs to be on the lowest settings, although the visual touches you get on high settings are pretty minor, so I don't really mind).


Nevermind, SSAO is the main performance hog in HR. Shadows and post-processing cause a bit of a hit but not much.
Deus EX HR Needs to be lowest settings, means it's not a gaming laptop. It's a regular daily basis one, for web streaming, word processing, regular daily tasks. I wouldn't say it's bad, I don't play top notch games either nowadays. Being a classic gamer, I save tons of money from not buying unnecessary gaming builds :)