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Round 6 CLOSED

You are competing for a copy of:
Sid Meier's Pirates! [GamersGate]
Metascore: 88%

To enter, tell me... what is your favourite snack?

Good luck!

1. HereForTheBeer
2. tarangwydion
3. Lou
4. psicat
* 5. Rodzaju - Winner!
6. Roman5
7. Calibrus
8. Pustako
9. Ubivis
10. Roberttitus
11. cuteguy
12. nmillar
13. chris.frukacz
14. KavazovAngel
15. Arteveld
16. Titanium
17. GameRager
18. Tallima
19. MoP
20. Waltorious
21. HomerSimpson
22. Damuna
23. Zchinque
24. Fujek
25. Yal
26. lord.seo
27. Garugo
Post edited January 14, 2011 by GoJays2025
Mild addiction to Chex Mix...
Pringles! Especially the BBQ flavor.
Cheese and Crackers
Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Christmas pudding!
The individual size makes a great breakfast.
blueberries :)
Rum... with a plate of edible SecurRom DRM.
Iron ration!
Post edited January 12, 2011 by Pustako
Wasabi Peanuts :)
The souls of orphaned baby chipmunks.
dick stick (its a real korean snack)
KFC Popcorn Chicken Snackbox. :)
Shin Cup (uber spicy chinese stuff. yum!)
Tiny winy home made sand wich.