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Round 5 CLOSED

You are competing for a copy of:
Shatter [Steam]
Metascore: 84%

To enter, tell me... what did the penguin say to the apple?

Good luck!

1. Aliasalpha
2. Damuna
* 3. Ubivis - Winner!
4. Rodzaju
5. Popinjay
6. Pustako
7. Arteveld
8. Falci
9. Roberttitus
10. Yal
11. Runehamster
12. GameRager
13. Titanium
14. Austrobogulator
15. KavazovAngel
16. Waltorious
17. Parse
18. capnb0b
19. Lou
20. cuteguy
Post edited January 11, 2011 by GoJays2025
"Way to make Unix suck."
"Hi, I'm Tux and I love to eat Apples"
"How did you get here & why aren't you frozen?"
"Welcome to Ken's Labyrinth"
"Never Gonna Give You Up!"
I'll open the wIndows, reach out and eat You, just wait 'til I compile a ladder.
"I bite. Quite often."
Nothing... Penguins can't talk.
"You chinless thing! Where am I supposed to tickle you?"
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It couldn't get a word in edgewise.
"Did you open a window? It's cold in here."
"You're cool, even if you are a bit fruity."
"You suck. I prefer Fish."