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This weekend we're inviting you for a thrilling ride to the dark fantasy world of Gothic.
If you have never played this great RPG series, we're giving you yet another reason to add it to your collection - we're launching Gothic weekend promo on! During the next few days, until Sunday, June 7 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, we're offering you a 25% discount on both Gothic and Gothic 2 Gold! This means each game will cost you only $7.49! If you call yourself a real RPG fan, you just can't miss this occasion! This is not a bundle promotion, so you can buy one of the Gothic games or both and you'll receive the 25% discount.
Well, that is certainly enough to persuade me to add Gothic 2 to my collection post haste. Many thanks to all the GOG team., scratch that. I have them on my shelf already.
Guess i'll have to pick something from the wishlist for the weekend.
Nevertheless, thanks.
Post edited June 04, 2009 by Namur
I would get them, but I got Gothic Universe, and there is actually no DRM on Gothic 1 & 2 in that pack.
There is on Gothic 3, but it doesn't work, so to be able to play it I either need the community patch or a crack...
Hmmmm, this or IronStorm?
I think it might have to be this......
Sold!Now I just need to find time to play all these games I keep buying from GOG.
At last, another really nice weeknd promo. Will buy both.
I got a Gothic 1+2 collector's edition recently... too bad =(
When I saw this you could believe I screamed out "F**K! YES!"
Ahh, this is what I've been begging for since I first started taking GOG srsly! THANK YOU.
Oh. I'm going to have to buy these now.
Wow, that's a sweet deal! :) I already picked up both from GOG earlier in the year at full price, but it was well worth it.
For those of you who love western-style RPGs, you simply must own these games. They are unbelievably awesome.
No better time than the present for me to complete my Gothic set with number 2.
Does GOG has something special planned for monday or why is the sale from thursday to sunday? Normally it's from friday to monday. Or are GOG guys having holiday or something?
Too many games to play right now, tempting though for the three day weekend here. I enjoyed Gothic 1, but have still yet to finish it.
Seriously guys, for those of you who love RPGs and haven't played the Gothic series this is THE deal.