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Get SimCity 2000 SE, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2, and more DRM-free EA classics 60% off!

This weekend nearly 30 classic from the Electronic Arts collection make their way to with a solid flat-rate 60% discount. A line-up of timeless games arriving at such speed deserves to be called nothing shorto of a Classic EA Convoy! You'll find memorable stand-alone titles here, as well as all-time favorite series. Games from many genres to suit all tastes and temperaments. Whether you are an adventurous soul, a keen manager, or a daunting pilot, you'll find an excellent match for yourself on our promo page. But before you go there, let's take a quick look at some of the brilliant games we offer you today, shall we?

There was a time that all that a aspiring mayor of a virtual town needed, was a computer plugged in into nothing more than a power socket. Well, that and a copy of SimCity 2000, preferably the Special Edition that allowed you not only to construct and manage your town--that is: metropolis--but also allowed you to become an architect and design your very own buildings using the patented Urban Renewal Kit. Oh, yes! City-building was carefree and full of bliss, back in the day (up until an earthquake or alien invasion--but even that only happened locally). Many have forgotten, but we, here at, remember. Today you can experience the urbanistic utopia once again, for only $2.39--a fraction of what you'd be paying for building a birdhouse, let alone a city!

If you prefer a smaller scale in your managerial sim, but maybe even more gameplay intensity, you should pick up Theme Hospital for only $2.39. This medical facility simulation takes serious matters like health care and exotic diseases with a hefty pinch of humor. Treating Hairyitis in patients suffering from prolonged exposure to moonlight might be a tad challenging, but its got to be fun at the same time. After all, not every day you get to order flea-powder and silverware compress as a treatment, right. Only here!

Lots of humor, even if a bit darker in tone, you will also find in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2, Bullfrog's excellent fantasy games pitting iron-clad heroes and heroins against a horde of vile dungeon-dwelling monsters led by a repulsive demon. The twist is: this time around you're the evil boss of the dungeon. Command your minions, design deadly traps, and fend off those damn do-gooders trying to perform their petty quests. You also get to hoard ridiculous heaps of gold and jewels here, and the entry investment is only $2.39 for each of the games.

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, just as all of the games above, delivers complex and deep strategic gameplay with lots of factors to track at once--probably even more then the others. On top of that, it presents you with the most important task ever undertaken by the humankind: colonization of space! Taking everything that was so involving and enjoyable about the Civilization game, this one takes matters into an otherworldly setting. The version we offer here comes with the elusive Alien Crossfire expansion, all for the low price of--you guessed it--$2.39!

Impressive? Oh, but that's just the tip of the giant mountain of DRM-free EA gems we have lined up for you in our Classic EA Convoy! Be sure to check the whole promo page, not to miss out on any of the excellent titles we offer 60% off until until Tuesday, May 7, at 3:59AM GMT.

Have a nice weekend!
Yay :D
Sniff again nothing for me
Quality choice of weekend sale.

edit: Shame there's no Syndicate Wars though. I suppose they felt it was too recently added.
edit: And Magic Carpet 2.
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"Nice, you own all the games from this promo."

And awesome games they are, by the way.
Might just pick up a couple of gog copies of physical games i own.
Greatest game ever

mrking58: Greatest game ever

Already have it, but thanks ;)
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mrking58: Greatest game ever

Bodkin: Already have it, thanks ;)
Wow someone bought it?
hm. Might be time to get a DD copy of MoH:Warchest.
Thank God, already own all of those. Which shouldn't be a big surprise, pretty much all of these EA classics are true gems - especially the Origin and Bullfrog games. We definitely need more Westwood games though (the Holy Grail probably being Blade Runner - hope that the license thing won't keep GOG from releasing it one day).
I hoped for EA weekend promo and here it is. But also hoped that Undying would be on sale.

Oh well.

Nox and Dungeon Keeper 2 are tempting...
mrking58: Greatest game ever

Got It! Thanks :D
mrking58: Wow someone bought it?
I bought all of them, my reasoning was, that it can't be worse than first four.
Great promo, I feel like buying a few.

Can anyone tell me which Ultima games to buy?

Also, opinions on Starflight 1+2 would be appreciated, it looks interesting.