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Jagged Alliance 2, Sacred Gold, Flatout and more Strategy First Games 60% off.

How do you call a promo that features about 20 awesome games? As any other given week, we've put all the sale parameters in our Artificially Creative Marketing Enhancer 5000 so it would generate a nice promo name for us, but to our surprise the only output it gave us was: ~20 Awsome Games (yes, with a typo). We tried rebooting it, updating the drivers, adding some additional cooling to the creative chip, and even threatening the damn AI with early retirement in the junk pile behind the bunker. All in vain. ~20 Awsome Games is all we could get out of it. Strange glitch. But, what the hell, we decided to go with it. So, let's see what set of games made such an impression on our Marketing Enhancer, shall we?

If you are a strategy fan with a significant turn-based combat inclination, Jagged Alliance 2 is a title you just can't miss. Leading a squadron of mercenaries and micro-managing all the details of their missions is both fun and challenging. The Enigmatic T considers this title to be one of the best games of all times. Find out why!

More of a fantasy fan? Here's a treat for you. Sacred Gold is a brilliant hack-and-slash title with an open world, varied player classes, legions of nasties to slay, and a pretty original and interesting story-line, told from the perspective of different characters. The game comes complete with all the updates and the Underground expansion pack.

Or maybe you need to satisfy your lust for adrenaline? Check Flatout, an amazingly diverse racing game sporting a realistic physics engine, powerful cars, and many different play modes. This is the game you want to play when you just need to feel that racing rush!

But that's only the tip of the iceberg, as the uninspired but accurate name suggests you can get almost 20 games with a nice 60% off discount this weekend. Head out to the promo page, and check out the fantastic selection of Strategy First games yourself.

Below, you'll find a new episode of This Week on GOG, a short video guide to recent events, promos, and other happenings on the site. By the way, if you haven't already, you might want to follow the channel on Youtube, so you won't miss our shows, specials, and exclusive trailers.
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DCT: Yeah because there going to 1.Do such a obvious clue and 2. "hype" up a crappy release such as that.
Hm, the clue hinting at Balls of Steel was pretty obvious.

Besides, GOG wouldn't be the first download shop to offer it, as it's been on GG for some time. We'll see soon enough, I guess. >_>
8 I have.
With others I'm not interested.
Does anyone have an opinion on Strategic Command: European Theater?
aluinie: sacred is a good action rpg with a lot of play area worth buying alone.
I can also recommend the sequel, Sacred 2, the gold edition of which is currently on sale over at for just $6,79, a very nice deal.
JMich: If you still don't own Jagged Alliance 2, why???? Grab it.
There are people who haven't played Jagged Alliance 2? This is an outrage!
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20+-5% games -60% :)
If there is anyone who doesn't have Sacred and fails to pick it up for this price, shame on you! The game is worth $20 for the easter eggs alone! AND you get to play a demon as a good guy and scare the piss out of children everytime you enter a town. It also has a small touch of steampunk in it (nothing like Thief) but just enough of a dab to notice. And did I forget the elves with the bad ass sword weapon things, and playing as a vampire, and the dragons, and the mummies.

Oh and to JMIch, I just happened to pick up JA2 as a part of a gift package. It wasn't 1st on my list but I never pass on the recommend of someone in this forum. Thanks!
I might have bought Sacred, if only I had remembered to recharge my PayPal account in time. :/

Anyway, I already have it it on Steam, does anyone know if it would work to just transfer the save folder from Steam to your GOG version? (I've played it in English; btw, I love it that they kept the original voiceovers for the goblins, so that they are now shouting and babbling in German. The realization of what they're actually saying was even more surprising and hilarious that way. :D )
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Miaghstir: So, you're ... arming the bears?
JMich: Well, there is something about a "Right to Bear Arms", or is it "Right to Arm Bears"? Not really sure about that...
Which brings us to this shirt:
At the end of the "This Week on GOG" video they say that next week will see the release of a game "so hardcore it's gonna make you its bitch". Time for a re-release of Daikatana that takes away the game breaking bugs and gives us the chance to play the game John Romero intended to make?
jpolastre: Which brings us to : this shirt
I think this would work much better as a jacket. Think about it, a normal shirt and tie as the most part, but the arms are actually bear arms. Hm, feel free to use the idea :P
I can wholeheartedly recommend Patrician III if you like managerial games. It's brilliant

Ghost Master is actually pretty good too. Far from perfect but the humor (e.g. ghost which comes from slaughtered chickens is called poultrygeist) and numerous movies/comics/books references are very nice.
jpolastre: Which brings us to : this shirt
JMich: I think this would work much better as a jacket. Think about it, a normal shirt and tie as the most part, but the arms are actually bear arms. Hm, feel free to use the idea :P
That would be freaking cool, indeed. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about your idea. I don't have any association to BustedTees (except for possible future customer), and a jacket like that would be way too warm to use around these parts.
The fact that the joke is directed to american audiences would also mean not many people would get it outside USA.
Austrobogulator: :o Daikatana next week? Now I see why GOG isn't an acronym anymore :P
Moments after release there will be positive reviews and it will have four stars and it will sell well.

Only on GOG.

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What an "Awsome" Promo!