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That was my favorite game back when I was little, but I wonder if it would stand the test of a decade. it had an awesome story, full voice acting, and huge open battlefields. Did anyone else love that game?
I only ever played the demo of it, but I played the shit out of that demo. I absolutely loved it. And that was even without any particular story, and no voice acting whatsoever. I'd love to be able to play the full game some day.
EDIT: One particularly cool thing I remember: the demo only contained 3 different ships to fly, I think. However, in one mission, I crippled the last enemy fighter, locked onto it with my tractor beam, and lugged it back to the extraction point. In the next mission, I could fly the captured fighter :-D
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Yes. Yes it was. And sadly a little under rated, really. Prefer it to Freespace series, personally.
Please vote for it on the wishlist, if you haven't already done so. I don't think it'll help much, but you never know ;-)
never heard of this until now... looked it up, looks fairly cool. Something I'd try if I had a chance
I own the Amiga version, which I've never actually played properly due to a damaged disk drive. Though it looks like the PC version was superior anyway.
I'd definitely like to see it on GOG. Another reason to get Take Two onboard.
Had this on a disc that came with SC20k and Dark Forces. Actually preferred Star Crusader to the two of those combined.
And it was fun to glitch the game and name your new pilots after other characters. Not sure if their stats were different, but they at least had the pictures of all the people on the other story branch.