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high rated

A vote is not required to win. To enter, vote for VVVVVV and post here that you've done so or don't and leave a comment here with an explanation of why you won't be voting for it. If you've had a positive prior experience with the game or like what you see, be sure to leave a comment on the wishlist.

Wing Commander 1+2 will be given away, not on a particular date, but when VVVVVV reaches 400 votes on the wishlist.

As of the creation of this topic, the votes stand at 189.

Pushing Onwards - Souleye

Check out my other giveaways:

Help indies reach 100 votes or more, win assorted games!
Vote for Aquaria, win Deponia!
Vote for Vessel, win Gemini Rue!
Post edited June 26, 2013 by Barry_Woodward
Voted, VVVVVV was such a fun game :).
Voted! Thaks for giveaway
Already voted in the past. But +1 for the giveaway and for bringing VVVVV to the spotlight.
Voted, throwing my hat in the ring
Post edited May 10, 2013 by Roman5
Voted! Thanks for the giveaway; especially the noble effort of raking up support for VVVVVV. It's a great game!
Do I really need a flight stick to play the Wing Commander games?
Voted for it, course I´m also doing such giveaways!
Please contribute to mine too:

Oh, and I´m in!
Alrdy voted for it in the past, +1 for making giveaway to promote it :)
I do like VVVVVV so I voted, thanks for the giveaway!
Voted and +1 for the giveaway.
Voting early and OFTEN. I won't lie, I would love that WC. :D
Voted! Thank you for the giveaway...
Thanks for the chance!
I don't mind more offer like this :p