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high rated

A vote is not required to win. To enter, vote for Super Meat Boy and post here that you've done so or don't and leave a comment here with an explanation of why you won't be voting for it. If you've had a positive prior experience with the game or like what you see, be sure to leave a comment on the wishlist.

Ultima Underworld 1+2 will be given away, not on a particular date, but when Super Meat Boy reaches 400 votes on the wishlist.

As of the creation of this topic, the votes stand at 267.

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Post edited May 30, 2013 by Barry_Woodward
It's a good game, voted!
Not entering, but thanks and +1 for the giveaway. I have Super Meat Boy from an old bundle, but haven't tried it out yet. I'll give it a shot and vote if I like it (from what I've heard, I will.)

Voted, great game :D In and +1
I'm confused. Vote for Super Meat Boy? I didn't know I was running for anything.

Seriously I voted for it but I have UU 1&2 so pass on that. :D
Post edited May 15, 2013 by tinyE
Requested it! :3 Thank you, it is such a great game. +1
Hmmm.... I voted this time and +1'd but I'm not in. And I'll be watching, waiting for the day you reveal your true form with a "vote KGB no.1!" thread!:D
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Voted (wanted to anyway, but forgot... Thanks for reminding me)
And in for the youngest entrant (Jeralulz). Young people should get to know the awesomeness of the Ultimas ! :-)

I'm lousy at this thing but I can't deny its greatness. Try.Fail.Try.Fail.Try.Fail.Try.Fail.Try.Fail.Try.Fail.Try.Fail.Try.Fail.
Voted. This game is soooo hard, I get so ragey at it. Have to play in small doses :P
Voted and in. Thanks again Barry!
Voted, but not in, I already have it. Thanks, though!

Own it on Xbox, would love a GOG copy.
Voted, and in. Thanks!