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dirtyharry50: I don't actually care about post counts either really but included it just because I know some people like that display of how active they have been over time on a forum. It really is not indicative of anything though beyond how many times someone has made posts over a particular time frame if their join date is also displayed. I don't really see the harm in that. I don't see how someone who has made more posts than someone else is somehow more important.
The more rep someone has the more safe I would feel doing a trade with them. Cant think of any other reason.
I like the current rep system, imperfect as it is.
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Roman5: Just remove the option to downvote and leave options of "Hide this post" and "Report spam"

There, all problems with the rep system resolved
Just my 2cents:

I don't care about rep at all but I think you should never remove the freedom of disliking something you don't like. If you want to remove it, remove both (the positive feedback and the negative one).

I hate Facebook for many reasons and this is one of them. Sometimes I wish they had a button "I've vomited" there. There's so many crap there that I would click that button more than the "Like it" or "Share it" ones.

Something with 100 likes could still be a turd. What if there were 101 dislikes? In facebook you never know. The same would happen here (to a lesser extent of course).


I want to always have an option to say something is crap, whether that pisses someone or not. That someone just has to DEAL with it (AKA: grow up).
In principle down repping is fine. However, it's being abused by a select few who hide behind an IP address and anonymously screw up the function. Whether people think it's just meaningless and should be ignored is not the point. It really bothers some users and why shouldn't it? Effectively, someone is stalking your posts and down-repping maliciously which again, is understandably frustrating.

However, why should everyone be denied the option to use the - option due to the pettiness of the select few?

I'm no fan of moderation although I think in this instance it would help. If the General forum is anything to go by then it's likely GOG are already inundated with rep related complaints. So, if they receive a complaint via support that several posts by a single member are being targeted, they should act and

1) Reverse all the forum repping activity for the serial down-repper and
2) Provide a simple explanation that it's counter-productive to target a user (rather than a single post) in this manner
Post count is saying quantity over quality which I do not particularly like.

Removing the "-" button is even worse. Why do that? Because everyone likes the like system in Facebook right? RIGHT? Nobody ever said they wanted a dislike button! o.O Yes, that was sarcasm.

I'd rather have an ignore function. Like I said in another topic, give me an ignore function and I'll stop using the "-" button. Frankly I would prefer just pressing one button, ignore, then be done with an annoying user.

Speaking of which, I'd like to promote another wishlist item:
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Oh god, post counts would be even worse. We'd have nothing but people posting short posts and shitting up the forum to increase their post count. At least with the rep system people have to do "nice" things in order to get more.
FYI, earlier in this thread I actually got downrepped for voicing my opinion on the rep system. When it happened I laughed so hard I shit myself.
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dirtyharry50: In a perfect world people would play nice in an anonymous place but the reality is that a good number of people do not play nice, particularly when shielded by anonymity. In light of this reality and its implications on a forum such as this, it seems better to me for the forum software to take reality into account and limit opportunities for people to do things that are not nice to others. It just heads trouble off at the pass.
Yeah, because the best way to stop people from faking the results of elections is to get rid of elections.

The system we have in place is the very thing that is "taking reality into account" and allowing people to do something about it. There would be no down-votes without things deserving down-votes. Getting rid of the ability to down-vote won't eliminate the posts that would otherwise get down-voted... it will merely take away our ability to down-vote them.

It's like being upset at a missile turret sitting at your base, being "useless", costing minerals to build and eventually getting destroyed by mutas. You might say to yourself - "I'll just skip the missile turret and all the headache it costs me, that way it'll never get killed by mutas". Then mutalists swoop into your base and kill all your SCVs. That was NOT reasonable thinking.

Here's the clever part: you can't down-vote a down-vote. You can reply to a bad post with another bad post, possibly spiraling the entire thing into a raging inferno of the social feedback loop. A down-vote, on the other hand, has only a single degree. It sends the right message, requires multiple people and prevents counter-accusations. It's a sharp reaction to an acute problem.

I seriously can't stand the absurdity of the argument that since people are upset over getting symbolically called out on upsetting others, we should rid the forum of one layer of communication, and things would get better as a result.
Seriously - LESS forms of expression should make the place nicer? Is this in the same sense that the less a dumb person says, the smarter he sounds?
Were the forum predominantly populated by the "wrong" crowd (whatever that might mean), the forum would be already, pretty irrevocably, lost; removing or adding features will help nothing. Conversely: if the vast majority like, respect and care for each other, there is no reason to take away their means of repressing the unaccepted behavior of the minority.
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+1 When there is abuse, the rep system is not a cause, but a symptom.
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Were the forum predominantly populated by the "wrong" crowd (whatever that might mean), the forum would be already, pretty irrevocably, lost; removing or adding features will help nothing. Conversely: if the vast majority like, respect and care for each other, there is no reason to take away their means of repressing the unaccepted behavior of the minority.
While I mostly agree to what you have said, I think repressing of the minority however unaccepted their behaviour might be is never a good idea. Especially not if the majority is this excentric and narcissistic mobocracy of gog-user.


An internet forum is not a democracy, it's a (hopefully) benevolent dictatorship of those who granted us access to it.
I think it's the moderators' job to keep the this forum clean and efficent. So instead of having semi-democratic, halfway functional dissent control features we should have community managers, real people, who take the effort of policing this forum. Not that I'm saying our mods aren't doing a great job [insert random fanboy praise to the gog staff here] but some sort of hierarchy would be nice. Someone to clean away the dirt, keep the streets clean and enforce a curfew, when necessary.
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I disagree with you Vestin. Nothing good comes of being unkind to people, even in return for unkindness. It just perpetuates the evil. Self-righteousness is ugly and so is downrepping people on a forum when one could just as easily move on to a more positive comment or discussion without sinking to the level of the one who's offended you if in fact it truly is them who is wrong to begin with.

There is a lot of wisdom in the old saying that if you do not have something nice to say to someone you are better off not saying anything. I have to confess that like anyone else I struggle with this sometimes but that does not make it any less a worthy goal.

Ideally, these forums should be a positive place to discuss our shared enjoyment of computer games and I guess whatever other topics might interest people in a general forum. We do not need or benefit from people downrepping each other. I think each of us ought to try and be a bigger person (myself included) and rise above this kind of behavior as best we can as often as we can.

Another wise old saying tells us that two wrongs do not make a right. Giving someone a hard time for posting something one does not like with negative reputation over it does not make a right either. It just makes somebody upset.

I get the impression that perhaps some people who feel passionate about keeping this system and also feel passionate about using it to display their disdain for others when they deem appropriate might do well to ask themselves what is really the benefit of throwing stones like this?

Wouldn't promoting peace by removing this be better?
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A lot of people have indicated they do not like post counts so I amended the suggestion in a comment as follows:

"Actually, in response to some discussion about this in the forums there really is no need for a post count to go with this suggestion. Removal of the rep system and the discord that goes along with it would be welcome though."
I like the rep system. Every time tinyE reaches 200 rep, I get a beer.
Like I already suggested in the past: Just untie the minus from the rep counter. Single posts can be downrepped and hidden, but a user's rep can never be decreased, only increased by getting upvoted.

I expect nothing less than a Nobel Peace Prize for coming up with this perfect solution.