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Thanks Licurg and Zoltan!
Not in.
lukslo: Not in.
Ahem !
lukslo: Not in.
Licurg: Ahem !
Uh right, forgot about that!
"Pandas are tasty", very tasty!
Licurg: Ahem !
lukslo: Uh right, forgot about that!
"Pandas are tasty", very tasty!
Yes, they are :D
Looks interesting, so gave it a vote. I'm in.
Gonna end this tomorrow.
I like the concept, so I have voted.
I popped in to bump this but apparently it is doing just fine on its own.

Very well then! Carry on. Vote for gaming excellence!
Bump for 94 votes.
Gonna draw in a couple of hours, so join now if you want to.
Voted.. I'm in..

Thank you!
Pandas are extra-crispy and tasty! Yummy!
I've bought this game during the recent Steam sale, so not in. Haven't got the chance to play it very long, but so far I love what I'm experiencing! The story is really interesting.
The fighting system needs some practice to get used too, though (I don't mean this negatively, Baldur's Gate's fighting system too needed getting used to back then).
Edit: voted for it on the wishlist.
Post edited May 18, 2013 by MasodikTiasma
One hour left.
2 mins left :D
Can I still wiggle my way in?

If so, in, and thanks to Zoltan.
Else: aaww, and thanks to Zoltan.