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I voted for Limbo. Now if someone were to do the same thing for World in Conflict. :D
Voted I am in Thanks for the give away!
Voted, great game, not in.
Post edited May 26, 2013 by JogsterXL
JogsterXL: Voted, great game, not in.

Not sure if this is still works or has expired or something, but here's a Limbo code for PSN.
+1, mate! NR, but hope someone does :-)
My vote is in Limbo, cheers!
Support bump
Voted, in, and +1 for the giveaway.
Bump from Limbo

100 Percent - Sonic Youth + ♬ She's 22 - Norah Jones
Alien bump

99 Ways To Die - Megadeth + ♬ 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six - Tom Waits

This is a style over substance game which is fine. Not bad, but my least favorite title that Barry is presently advocating for..
Voted. I'd really love to play Alpha Centauri again! Thanks so much :D
Voted. Limbo is a cool game. Hope people buy it if it gets in.
Count me in for the giveaway too please.