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high rated

A vote is not required to win. To enter, vote for Cave Story and post here that you've done so or don't and leave a comment here with an explanation of why you won't be voting for it. If you've had a positive prior experience with the game or like what you see, be sure to leave a comment on the wishlist.

Primordia will be given away, not on a particular date, but when Cave Story reaches 800 votes on the wishlist.

Current vote count: 606

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Post edited June 09, 2013 by Barry_Woodward
Already voted before! :) Thank you for the giveaway...
Voted, entering, thanks
My vote is already there!.. ;p

I LOVED Resonance, and I'm dying to try this one... Thanks for the chance, Barry!
My vote has been cradling this game for as long as I can remember.
Done. Thanks!
Turns out I've already voted for it. Does that count?
YnK: Turns out I've already voted for it. Does that count?
Of course.
Voted quite some time ago already, I love Cave Story.

By the way, wasn't there a small controversy some time ago, when Nicalis tweeted they'd be on GOG "if they could match everyone's standard 70/30 rev share", after which someone from the GOG team said there hadn't been any contact between GOG and Nicalis yet?
Already voted, in for GoJays2025.
Thanks and +rep.
Voted and in
Already voted, and I'll enter for maggotheart, if I may.
Voted and in.
Voted. Thanks :)
Voted, thanks for the giveaway.