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To enter, vote for Braid on the wishlist (bonus points for leaving a positive comment there) and post here that you've done so.

SimCity 2000 will be given away, not on a particular date, but when Braid reaches 400 votes on the wishlist.

As of the creation of this topic, the votes stand at 276.

Downstream - Shira Kammen

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Vote for Aquaria, win Deponia!
Vote for Bastion, win Lands Of Lore 1+2!
Vote for Cave Story, win Primordia!
Vote for Limbo, win Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri!
Vote for Super Meat Boy, win Ultima Underworld 1+2!
Vote for Unepic, win Resonance!
Vote for Vessel, win Gemini Rue!
Vote for VVVVVV, win Wing Commander 1+2!
Vote for World Of Goo, win Theme Hospital!

Aquaria - Bastion - Cave Story - Limbo - Super Meat Boy - Unepic - Vessel - VVVVVV - World Of Goo
Post edited May 18, 2013 by Barry_Woodward
Voted and in.
+1 to you Barry. :)
Voted up!
Thanks for another giveaway Barry, +1.
Count me in.
Voted long ago....alas i love playing SimCity 4 more (and still building my own MegaCity 1)
Voted and in . +1
Voted, but I'm not in. +1 for the giveaway.
Voted <3
Post edited May 12, 2013 by Austrobogulator
Two games that I like? Voted!
Voted for Braid.
I thought the game is already on GOG.

Voted. not in. +1
Another game I need no incentive to support. Voted and in for Austrobogulator :-)

Thanks for doing these, Barry! +1
Voted but not in. Thanks and +rep for you.
Voted, but not in - thanks for the giveaway tho Barry. :)
I will enter if someone explains to me the appel of SimCity or games similar to it. I kinda like Realistic gameplay (mostly military and racing) so whats the appel of running a city?
Post edited May 12, 2013 by Elmofongo