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Apparently I have already voted.
Voted and commented, thanks!
I wonder how GOG feels about these giveaways.

Isn't the point of the wishlist to see what people are interested in and thus they should only vote for a game they would either buy or would consider buying?

Getting people to vote for a game in order to enter a giveaway messes with that system.

Granted people could easily just lie and say they voted and not actually vote thus not doing that, and those that do end up voting to enter the giveaway are probably a small amount of the total voters.

Not in.
Oh, I'm in.
And I voted for Braid to hit GOG.
And + 1 rep.
Braided bump
Thank you!
Voted, I'm in.
Voted! :-)
Voted. Nice little "indie" game.
voted long ago
Voted, you are awesome barry.
Count my vote also, also 400 is almost reached :D
Voted and commented. I'm in. Braid was quite the fun journey.
Looks like a really interesting game to me. One vote for me on Braid :)
Barry_Woodward: <snip>
Barry, are you ok? This is a strange turn of events for you to suddenly be giving games away for votes (which likely mean nothing). We're friends here, and I'm just a bit worried that you're losing perspective on things.

How are you?