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Voted! I'm definitely in.
Voted, commented, and in!

Route 66 - Nat King Cole + ♬ 5 Minutes To Live - Johnny Cash
I'd like to have SimCity, but I still feel like punching the internet for guilt-tripping me into getting that pretentious waste of time.
(EDIT: I meant Braid, not SimCity)
Post edited May 15, 2013 by HiPhish
Voted and enterning :).

+1 for the giveaways!
Voted, but not in :)
Thanks. I've just voted.
Alright voted, not because I like Braid but because I like free stuff.
voted again :)

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon + ♬ Fantastic 6 - Alphabeat

I haven't played this yet. Seems clever and pretentious.
Voted. SimCity 2000 was amazing! Braid was really good too :)