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I am surprised it isn't on GoG yet, you definitely have my vote.
Voted and in! Thank you for the giveaway...
In for uchristensen,
Voted and thanks.

I'm in.. Thank you!
Voted. Love the game. Not in.
Voted :) Braid was a lot of fun, though a bit short, definitely a fun enough title to recommend to people!

I'm in for SimCity 2000 also :)
Voted but not participating . ( already own the game )
Also +1 for you .
Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Barry!

Voted (with a positive comment). Please, count me in for Austrobogulator, as well. ;)
voted and in :-)
In, voted, and +1 for the giveaway
Not entering, but voted for this pretty awesome game. Thanks and +1 :)
Voted, +1 and in too please.:)
count me in
voted for Braid + comment
the votes stand at 324

thanks for a giveaway Barry_Woodward!
not in but voted +1