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Just voted which takes number up to 944. Not too long now before the magic 1000 :)
957 votes. Getting closer...
I already voted for this some time ago... and LoL wold be really nice, as it's one of those crawlers I tried to play long time ago (along with Anvil of Dawn) and never could.

Thank you!

We're Number 37 - Paul Hipp
Voted, this game's art is impressive.
I bought it on GamersGate and played it for 20 minutes before I couldn't anymore. I found it boring. Somehow so childish. Only the male voice was cool.
Voted. I got a recommendation for Lands of Lore, so I'm interested to try them out.
Voted for Bastion.
Realy cool game/
Voted, and +1 for you friend.
979 votes. Pretty close
Bastion is an excellent game and I feel no reservations voting it up. Considering you can play it in a browser for inexplicable reasons, it stands that they might as well go the whole way and put it on every digital distribution platform imaginable.
If a vote is not required to win, then I'll enter. I am still undecided when it comes to Bastion, mostly I hear about the non-existent of manual save, and with the very limited time I have in gaming I am really, really not big on checkpoints and autosaves.
Only 18 votes to go!

She's Only 18 - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hell, yes! Voted!