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Voted for it, count me in! :D
I did not like this game at all, but voted anyway for it because I do recognize that people like this game and shouldn't be denied the chance to own it here.

If I win, I would like to enter on behalf of my good friend Benderz.
Voted. Got it in a bundle a while back. Nice! +1
So many votes, so little time!
I'm faithfully into your campaign and vote #836 just in.
Thanks Barry for your effort to bring the game here and for offering prizes from GOG.
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Voted, entering, thanks
Voted, Thanks
Voted, thanks
Voted, entering, and left a message. :)
In and voted, thanks.
Voted and in,thanks!

Voted it up. It's a good game, should find its way here someday.
Already voted. :) Thanks!
Voted and in. Thanks again, Barry!