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I have it one steam, it's a fantastic game.

Voted and in!
Ah, it is a pleasure to vote it! I'm in too, thanks!
Voted! Thank you...
In for Malv0isin.

Voted for it.
I picked this up in a HubbleBubble a while back. Really enjoyed the game, the narration made me chuckle at times. Often just as I would die.
Voted, in for Triock if that is ok.

Thanks for the giveaway and rising the awarenes of the gog wishlist :)
I voted some time ago, so, in. :-)
Voted, +1.
Voted, but not in
In +1 to you Barry, and voted. :)
Yet another Barry campaign :-) How you're going to keep track of them all, I have no clue. But thanks and +1 on all!!!

I thought of abstaining, but I feel instead a need to support 011284mm, not only for the possible combo chain, but for the need to root out this mythical HubbleBubble they speak of :P
Voted, commented, rated your post and leaving a comment!
I´m in!
Negatus: Voted.

Bastion is a good action game. It's slightly overrated because of it's "indie" origins and shouldn't be considered an RPG.
It´s simply a hack and slay with outstanding design factor and an EPIC narrator ;)
Doesn´t have anything more to do with an "real" RPG than Diablo I.

(Which also had been a fantastic game anyways...)
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Like this game. Voted and +1.
Voted, and I'd like to enter for triock if that's not a problem :)
Not sure how long ago I voted for Bastion (but did anyway), in for Licurg.

+1 for the giveaways. :)
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