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Voted, entering and +1.
Just 10 more votes until 1000!

Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin
Post edited May 31, 2013 by Barry_Woodward

Edit: I was 997, three more to go.
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Way Down The Line - The Offspring
Licurg: Voted and in. Thanks for the giveaway :D
Thespian*: Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Barry! (voted with a positive comment)

Please, count me in for Licurg. ;)
RayRay13000: Not sure how long ago I voted for Bastion (but did anyway), in for Licurg.

+1 for the giveaways. :)
Congratulations, Licurg! King Patrick Stewart is waiting for you in the throne room.
Post edited June 01, 2013 by Barry_Woodward
Congrats Licurg and thanks again Barry.
low rated
Congrats to me ! And I really mean it this time :D