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Long live adventures! +1
Voted, and count me in for this contest!

Thank you very much, Barry_Woodward. :D
Vote for BUMP, win BUMP!

Star 69 - R.E.M.
Voted, Thank you for the giveaway! :)
Oceanic BUMP!
Voted, and am in.
Always, wanted to try it-in!
Although for inpatient people, it's available on for cheaps!
Voted, because it looks really cute, although I suspect that I personally would do horribly at anything involving musical puzzles. (True story: the ONE musical puzzle in King's Quest VII prevented me from completing it for some ten years. And even after all those years, I still needed to refer to a walk-through to get past that ONE puzzle.)

In for the giveaway, and thank you!

When I'm Sixty-Four - The Beatles
Voted and I'm in,thanks!

I got aquaria recently on the humble bundle, definitely +1'd.