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This is definitely and intriguing title and, I believe, one that can find a good home on GOG. So, I voted for it.

Thanks for another superb giveaway, Barry, but this one I'm abstaining from entirely :-)
Seems to be nice, but I don´t think it will hit 400 votes in the near future...
I´m in anyways...
Great game, please do give it some GOG love. :)

(I am not entering the giveaway.)
I totally support this and vote #148 coming from me.
Thank you Barry.
Voted for this. Aquaria needs to be on! It is such a great game.
Edit: Also, not entering the giveaway.
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Voted, thanks again barry.
Voted. I'm in!
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Voted, commented because Aquaria is such a nice game! :)
Voted! Thanks for the giveaway :D
Gladly voted and commented. I'm in.
Voted. I'm in for Momo1991 ^_^
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I played Aquaria on the iPad and I really liked it. I voted for it.
voted and thanks +1